10 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

In a world where every single day there are worldly and local events which energetically plummet and bombard your consciousness, there is no time like the present to learn a few tips to maintain your balance. While there are many more not listed here, these are just my top ten favorites and frankly the easiest to do. Staying centered in a volatile world is not only power-enhancing but it enables you to make better decisions and perhaps to be a part of the solutions in those areas where balance is the key to being effective in helping others. Obviously moderation is the key to balance as is common sense.

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Most people have mastered awareness on how to maintain a healthy physical body so it is not really rocket science to learn how to maintain your spiritual body. Medical science is beginning to understand measurable frequencies within the human body which when lowered cause the body to become vulnerable to sickness and disease. The human body has both an epi-kinetic energy field but more widely known, it has an electromagnetic field. Noise, pollution, noxious fumes, negative energy or being around those who are rattled, scattered, angry or simply over-excitable can alter the harmony of your own frequencies and again when lowered, you are vulnerable to more than just physical sickness, you are vulnerable to the negative forces.

Maintaining a higher frequency not only increases your light mass but it conditions your consciousness. Here are just a few ways to keep your shine beginning with those things which lower your frequency.

10 things that lower your frequency or vibration.

1. Emotionality, rage, anger, crying, depression.

2. Sex in high doses.

3. Excess~ the use of alcohol, drugs or even excessive housework will ground you.

4. Extreme physical activity such as sports, exercise, moderation the key.

5. Worrying, nervousness or fretting.

6. Eating red meat which grounds you.

7. Behaviors such as hating, lying, cheating, drama, manipulating, etc.

8. Self-pity.

9. Judging others.

10. Complaining, griping, condemning, criticizing

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10 things that raise your frequency

1. Meditation

2. Prayer

3. Classical music or inspirational music

4. Eating vegetarian avoiding all meats

5. Helping others/random acts of kindness

6. Thai Chi , yoga or walking

7. An elevated dialogue inner and outer

8. Interacting with pets/animals/nature

9. Visualization

10. Bringing yourself to near orgasm (self/masturbation) but not actually having one actually raises your light.

When you raise your frequency your life flows with far more ease than when you are living in a lower vibration AND you attract quality relationships from romantic to personal friendships. The key to living a joyful life is to remember that everything is just a reflection of you; what you are harboring, what remains unhealed emotionally and what you are putting into the world. If you employ a few of the suggestions above you will discover that the road becomes far more smooth and your life becomes far less complicated.

If you would like to know more about how to raise your frequency and attract the things you dream of get in touch with me, I would love to help you discover how fulfilling your life can be.

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