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Accurate, profound, honest, with extensive spiritual gifts. Psychic/Medium/Spiritual guide/Best Selling Author

Honest, accurate & specific Isabella adds a whole new dimension to the intuitive realm. Her insights & readings are sought after by many for their authenticity & accuracy. Her warmth, wisdom & energy can be felt over the phone.

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About Me

After experiencing a near death in the Alps I was blessed with extraordinary spiritual gifts which cater to the individual I am working with. I once told a client who flew over from Paris, that she would meet a man who looked exactly like a certain actor, gave her his first name and his profession. Within 4 month she met him and all the information was accurate, including the fact that he looked exactly like the actor I described. I am direct and get my answers directly from the Divine where all answers are known. 

I have read, taught and counseled thousands around the world and am highly sought after for my gifts in clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship and for my healing abilities. I accurately predicted events and as a seer am able to tap into what is yet to come in the future and have clear vision to past lives as well. I love working with people who are on a spiritual path and want to evolve and I work with the most awakened and evolved souls.

My gifts cover past lives, future loves, career guidance, prosperity issues, healing, meditation, hypnosis and those struggling with old wounds, addiction or sexual or physical abuse or those just wanting some guidance for direction in their lives.



I have been teaching, counseling and advising thousands since my near near death in the Alps 22 years ago.

I have been featured on major television shows and radio shows and have a very high accuracy rate.
 Prosperity, romance/love, career guidance, emotional blocks, abandonment issues, as a medium facilitating closure with a loved one who's crossed over, ghost clearing, demon clearing, third eye opening, creating Merkabah, relocating and enlightenment are my specialties.


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