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Discover the deeper truths and insights hidden within the language of the rune stones with one of Life Reader’s gifted and professional rune stone readers. Choose your preferred spirit guide below, and connect with them immediately via phone (first calls are only 9 pence per minute) or live online chat (first 4 minutes free). It’s that simple!

Runes are an ancient Germanic (Futhark) alphabet developed for secret communications between initiates, and has had variations in use throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and the British...
Runes are an ancient Germanic (Futhark) alphabet developed for secret communications between initiates, and has had variations in use throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. The rune stones consist of 24 individual stones, each displaying a letter from the runic alphabet. Each stone has its own specific symbolic meanings, and when they are laid out they can give you very direct insights into any aspect of your life – much like the various forms of tarot reading.

The most common rune stone reading technique involves picking out three stones from a bag that holds all 24 – this is called a Norns spread. The first stone taken from the bag represents your specific past, the second stone represents your present, and the third gives insight into your future. Of course, this is a simplified explanation of the rune stone reading process – the actual symbolic meanings of the stones is highly-personal and intuitive, and requires a strong attunement between the reader and the client.

Rune stone reading is a very versatile form of divination and can be used wither to offer guidance and insight in regards to specific questions, or as a way to gain more general spiritual awareness and perspective on your life journey in general. Runes are heavily influenced by your subconscious and the reading can often foster intensely perceptive internal realisations about your innermost desires and needs within your life.

Since the beginning the runic alphabet has been used for divination and personal insights – the word rune itself means mystery, secret or whisper, and the mysterious power the stones hold has long been respected as a powerful tool for introspection and gaining understanding of one’s life journey as a whole. Rune stone meanings are understood intuitively to a degree, but a master of rune stone readings can help guide you in your interpretation if you are unfamiliar with the essential rune stone meanings. Many people who receive a rune stone reading are so impressed by the introspective realisations they gain that they desire to learn the rune stone meanings and perform readings on themselves. Anybody can become in tune with the rune stones and learn how to perform their own rune readings – the power of the rune stones are open to anybody, not just those born with the clairvoyant gift.
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