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Transform your love life. Energy & emotional healing.

Sofia is a Natural Healer and Intuitive Life Coach with a great gift of discovering the true reasons of your current circumstances. With the use of intuitive cards, she is here to give you genuine advice for making the best life decisions. 

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About Me

Intuition is our inner knowing and power to discover our true potential, and make wiser decisions for our lives. As a Spiritual Coach and Natural Healer I am here to help you find clarity and inner peace for the current and next stages of your life.

My techniques will help you: Discover your life purpose. Better understand your nature, values and be in tune with who you really are. Make better decisions for your life in a professional or personal level. Release emotions linked to your past that may holding you back.

I also work with intuitive and chakra cards, and numerology whilst giving you the best advice. I was born with the feeling of knowing a power that I couldn't really understand or explain to others because I would not be understood. 

I just knew that what I feel is true. Not having anyone to guide me or cultivate my gift led me numerous times in self-doubt and confusion, but it was always my inner guide to be right. My intuition helped me find my true life purpose which very quickly became a life changing experience for me and others. 

I am so glad to see that I can be of service for people who seek for my advice.



Intuitive Life Coach, Cards Reader Throughout my life I helped numerous people all over the world to find guidance, better understand themselves and discover their true potential. I believe I can help you discover more about your current situation, cut through confusion and be in tune with your higher calling.


64 Feedback & Reviews

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