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About Sofia

Intuition is our inner knowing and power to discover our true potential, and make wiser decisions for our lives. As a Spiritual Coach and Natural Healer I am here to help you find clarity and inner peace for the current and next stages of your life.

My techniques will help you: Discover your life purpose. Better understand your nature, values and be in tune with who you really are. Make better decisions for your life in a professional or personal level. Release emotions linked to your past that may holding you back.

I also work with intuitive and chakra cards, and numerology whilst giving you the best advice. I was born with the feeling of knowing a power that I couldn't really understand or explain to others because I would not be understood.

I just knew that what I feel is true. Not having anyone to guide me or cultivate my gift led me numerous times in self-doubt and confusion, but it was always my inner guide to be right. My intuition helped me find my true life purpose which very quickly became a life changing experience for me and others.  I am so glad to see that I can be of service for people who seek for my advice.

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