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Does not leave any stone unturned. 
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About Marie

For 20 Years, I have been offering honest, accurate and clear messages to all of my clients in a compassionate and direct way and guide them toward their greater good. Hello, my name is Marie and I have been reading tarot now for over 20 years, and deliver clear and accurate guidance for a variety of situations. Is he the one? Find out if you are wasting your time. Should you take that job? I’ll tell you if it is time to move on. What does the future hold for you? Let me give you insight. Need help making that important decision? I can help! All of these questions and more are welcome; however, love and relationships are my specialties. In addition to readings, I have been known to do energetic work with a great degree of success. 

I am an honest reader with a gentle approach to difficult topics, I will make sure not to leave any stone unturned as I spiritually search for information pertaining to you. I am here to uplift, bless, offer insight, and open your minds to help you to remember, rethink, and realize your life’s purpose. I strive to help clients to get the answers they need in a clear and no-nonsense way. Life can be a crazy roller coaster and you don't need to navigate it alone. Let me help you to become more fulfilled and empowered using the power of the tarot and my own intuition. My foresight will lead you to places that you once deemed unreachable.

I enjoy helping others with my powerful and in-depth insights. No topic is off limits, as I enjoy reading on a variety of subjects focusing on my clients’ personal (marriage, relationships, love and family), career, business, and financial struggles and concerns.

Each reading with me is an opportunity for you to take the reins and have the life you have always wanted. I bring 20 years of honest, accurate and supportive guidance to the table. My insight and compassion comes from a place of empathy and personal understanding. Sometimes the messages the cards have can be overwhelming, and by providing you with a written account of your session you are able to take full advantage of the guidance I offer. I am a firm believer that tarot is just one of the tools at our disposal – meant to be a light that helps guide us down our path in life. I am here to help you. While I do have some intuitive gifts, I am not a full blown psychic. I am not comfortable with giving absolute answers, but rather what I see at that moment on the path that you are on.

My Experience:

20 Years experience
Tarot And Intuition Reader

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