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Accurate, detailed and straight to the point.

Jason is an Intuitive reader and has helped several clients in the past and future. He’ll tell you the truth, by telling you exactly what he sees and feels through his readings without any sugar coatings and can provide compassionate, accurate and insightful readings. He has a fresh perspective on all of your concerns and understands exactly the nature and details of each situation.

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About Me

I am blessed with God Given spiritual power as I am born psychic. My extreme Knowledge of the Angelic realm, empathy and clairvoyance has blessed many of my clients and close friends. Please contact me with an open mind and give me the chance to try and bring some happiness, comfort, contentment, answers and hope in your life. My years of dealing with soul and spirits have given me great rewards.

Like many psychics, we see and hear things at an early age; my visions have helped many clients over the years. And help my clients find enlightenment, I will give you straightforward insight into a situation that is causing you problems and show you a path that you can take to lead you to a solution and to help you get control of your life.

There are four major areas to each of our paths and they fall into the categories, emotions, and career and life journey. You would like to know when an ex is coming back into your life and make you happy. The path may show you that you need to sit back and wait and not interfere for this to happen. However, if you decide that you are not going to wait around and decide to contact this person (Free Will) and tell them how you feel, the outcome will change.

Instant Connection, No Judgment with fresh perspective. Let me unfold all the complicated issues of your life and make it so simple with honest insights and predictions as well as provide solutions with uplifting perspective on the issues you're facing.
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Psychic, Tarot.
Aura Cleansing.
Mediumship Career.


834 Feedback & Reviews

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