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Romance/ love. Find out. Connecting to minds and hearts.

Francis is a natural born Psychic. By contacting her you will explore the future, discover your destiny and receive the answer you were searching for. Her readings are straight forward with a keen insight and a knack for the uncanny. Be prepared to be wowed NOW!!!

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About Me

I began to experience the spirit world from a very young age, hearing and feeling my guides and angels around me. I didn't realize that others did not have the same world as me. Time passed and life took over but the spirits world did not give up and I was soon interested in convening again and listening to the voice of reason which echoed in my head. I became interested in Tarot and it was through working with this ancient medium that I felt the connection between the two dimensions.

About twelve years ago I began working as a professional Psychic helping others and using the cards and my guides as stepping stones for my clients. I have worked with International, Irish and British companies. Using my instincts and also studying on the subject I became in tune with divination on a high level, receiving messages of the future and warnings and blessings also. I tap into messages from the spirit world and have two guides I work with daily. The trick is for the client to be open and that they believe. I don’t have time for sceptics trying to test me out to see what I get right. People also have to understand that sometimes messages can be muddled and need to be worked out; it is not always a manner of getting a straight yes or a no.

I have a lot of life experience which I tap into and guide others who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives. I have had a world full of ups and downs and can intuitively guide others in overcoming hardship. I have a good sense of reason and am helpful toward giving advice on love and relationships, looking into the balance needed between people to achieve success. A person’s life road can be a meandering one and we all need advice at times. I recently graduated from university with a BA Hons Degree in English and History of Art, receiving a First Class Honours in English; previous to this I studied Fine Art in the West of Ireland. I am a trained chef in Fine Dining and also a regularly published poet worldwide. I have been accepted by a major European Agency who manages models and entertainers, so on my travels I can only learn to live more! At the moment I am suffering from am auto immune disease which affects my hands so do forgive my typos! I do however type fast and do not waste your precious time and money. I am sincerely genuine and speak the truth no matter what, if you just want to come to me to hear what you want to, I do not work like that as truth is essential to living the right life. I hope you take the chance today to have a life changing reading with me!

Love and light,

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Born Psychic 


181 Feedback & Reviews

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