Positive Energy Is A Happy Life

By Farrah-H: We can get a little caught up with our day to day thoughts and emotions, we oftentimes let certain things that occur or happen to us dictate our state of mind, our energies, and our day. Sometimes something as simple as spilling a drink, or stubbing our toe determines our state of being and our days, when you think about it, isn’t that simply crazy? How something so small can eventually grow into something much bigger. You see, when we allow something small like this to affect us, we then open our doors to more things occurring that we don’t want to happen, our state of mind creates each step in front of us, it creates our days, it creates our lives and it creates our happiness.

farrah3 Learning to grasp and gain beautiful control over our minds is so important, Let me tell you why. By doing so you are gaining control, you are creating a very happy life one of deepest gratitude and joy, when we do not allow something as small as a stubbed toe or a spilled drink affects our mood, we stopping that negative energy before it has time to grow. There are other things too, bigger things that can also put us in a bad mood, and dictate our lives and happiness, let me list a few below:

1. Debt, Bills- a big one, and one that can easily control our state of mind!
2. Relationships, when they are not working, when we are perhaps not in the right place
3. When we are around someone else who is in a bad mood
4. Hurting ourselves, tripping over, stubbing a toe
5. Forgetting to do something important or not knowing how to
6. Finances- career related- This relates back to debt
7. When we are not able to do things we want to- I.e Travel, Buying a new car
8. When we lose someone we love
9. When we have a physical pain or illness
10. When we do not feel good enough or capable

This list could go on and on… but that’s a good enough example for now 🙂

Now let me tell you how to not let the above effect you and control your mind, your state of being, your energy, your day, your life and your happiness. It’s a very sacred secret one I am willing to share with you… are you ready?

I will give you a hint, it’s a state of mind a state of being so powerful that it can transform your life and how you are feeling, it is a level of energetic frequency that is so high, it is the purest and most powerful thing you can ever do in your life and beyond… Positivity! There it is. Create a positive mindset by not allowing anything to tear you down, by remembering who you are but also why you are here, to help others, to love others to create a life of purpose, to live your purpose. To remind yourself you are here once and once only and that your human purpose is to create joy and light in not only your own life but those lives around you. Its easy to focus on negative things but instead of bringing yourself down try replacing that feeling with gratitude, I am grateful for these people who I have had in my life and are in my life now, I am grateful for the roof over my head, my experiences that have shaped me and the air that I breathe. The list of things you can be grateful for will always stretch around the universe and back, there is much more positivity in this world then negativity we just don’t see it because we are focus on all the wrong things. If you want to change your life- easy, then change your mindset.

Positive Energy Is A Happy Life. Don’t let the small things, or the big take you down, stand strong ground yourself and let positivity flow through your veins and soul, you will never go wrong.


If you have any questions or would like a reading please contact me I am happy to assist you anytime.

All my love and light,


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