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We wake up every morning. Climb out of bed and begin our day. We have the same routine, every day in and everyday out. We struggle financially, or we struggle with our relationship, what ever the cause there is always something which makes some of us feel incomplete. Why is life so difficult? Why is this thing many say is a beautiful gift so hard? Why is it that we are not happy, not fulfilled, why don’t we have all the money we need to live a life stress free, free of worry. Why are they so happy living their lives of luck and happiness yet we are not.

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There are many questions you may ask yourself, and there may even be moments where you decide its time for a change to get a new job or change your relationship, to take some form of action in order to change where things are. Well this is not the place to start, and unfortunately but very commonly we all make this mistake.

So where is the right place to start for change? If it is not leaving my Boyfriend for someone who can love me and show real appreciation, if it is not finding a new job which is so much more financially rewarding? now taking steps to change your life are great­ we will never move forward without taking these steps­ but people often forget to take the most important step of all.

A step within mind. This is the step I am talking about. not a physical step, but a mental step, a spiritual step. A Step within that changes your mindset and your outlook on life. This is the step that must happen before you are to take those real steps­ and often times we make the great mistake of taking those physical steps and wonder­ why am I still not happy? Why do I still not feel complete? Why do I feel the same. Well the answer is simple.

To Take a spiritual step within your mind, spirit and soul is the most powerful step in all the universe to take. It is a shift of consciousness not only a step, it is you spiritually making that decision for change and starting it in that moment, it is simple yet requires strong knowing, passion, love and spiritual awareness. To Change your mindset, to take a step within oneself is ultimately powerful. And doing so will always ensure that whatever steps you are to take next you will be well on the track to your new life, whereas taking those physical steps first often times will always lead you onto a ‘loop road’ and back to where you started.

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Now if its that easy then why don’t we all do this? take this Spiritual step first? Why is it we are not all leading these lives of contentment and happiness. The truth is as the centuries have passed by human civilization has evolved more and more to be less in tune with our own being, to be less spiritually aware and to lack a sixth sense that once upon time in the history books of mankind every person had, a sixth sense which led us to lead very spiritual lives. Lives of great knowing, understanding and ability to make decisions so much better. Back in time when technology was nothing but a stick and stone, back in a time where we connected and communicated through hand to hand, voice to voice not phone to phone or text to text.

Because of this ‘evolution’ this place we humankind have come to be at we lack the ability to make spiritual decisions, to control our minds and make simple conscious decisions and stick to them.

Now its not hard to change, to begin to be more spiritually aware, to make conscious mental decisions before physical Its very simply a choice. You can make the decision to do this. All you have to remember is to be more aware. Practise spiritual awareness. Test yourself in certain situations in everyday life. Decide to do something and plan a time to do it­ Always go through with it and do what you decided to do. This is what I like to call ‘mental manipulation and stimulation’ You are practising and training your mind control just as you would training your muscles at the gym! Its that easy!

Changes comes from choice, and choice comes from mind, and mind is the first step, then comes action ( physical step) make the mental choice, believe it, feel it, live it then take that first real step. Only the will you feel the change, reap the rewards and never look back. It all starts from within. As some have said, as you may have heard­ The power of the mind is key to success and happiness. This is nothing but the truth.

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Sending love and Light,

Farrah 🙂

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