Intuitive Thinking

As a wise man once said “ I believe in intuitions and inspirations.I sometimes feel that I am right, I do not know that I am”­Albert Einstein.

These are powerful words. Everyone has intuition the ability to feel to know to be guided by some deeper sense of self to the truth, but we don’t always listen and this is when spiritual guides come into place to ensure that intuition is right and that we are heading on the right path in life.

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What is the right path? It is when we are living a life of contentment, when we feel complete and happy with the smallest of things in life, and when we have love, real love that exists on mutual grounds. Now lets not get off track… back to intuition!

Intuitive thinkers are people who are not trapped within the world of modern day technology and physical existence. They are people who understand that there is something much larger, more powerful out there and although they don’t always know what this is it’s this knowing within that allows them to follow the truth by listening and being in touch with that intuitive thinking,this kind of thinking often leads to the right choices, successful careers, and people who seem to be achieving their dreams on a day to day basis whether big or small.

Intuitive thinking is not all we should rely on, we are humans after all so we need to be physical and practical thinkers too at times, but with those questions small and large that we can’t answer, follow your gut instinct, be an intuitive thinking, practise the use of intuition in your everyday life and see how your life will transform for the better.

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Intuition is a sense, just like smelling, hearing, touch. It is a sense we are all born with, unlock this sense, use it and live life to absolute fullest potential possible, as people don’t do so when they are not following their intuition in day to day life­ it truly can be a transforming move and one you will forever thank your lucky stars for making 🙂

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  1. cathy

    hi farah having bit of difficulty deciding what is intuition and what is wishfull thinking any advice please


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