Haters Are Motivators

By Counselor Karen: There are many people in our lives that are jealous of us for no reason at all. No matter what we do to try to make them like us, they cannot overcome their resentment toward us. It’s a fact of life that not everyone is going to like us. God made such unique and different personalities that it is not always easy to get along with everyone around us. That being said, I do feel like haters can be motivators in our lives.

karen3 They can encourage us to be better at being nice, loving others, and being successful. We all know that haters make us feel bad, but how much better to heap kindness on someone that is trying to hurt us. I believe that haters can make us more in tuned to our own spirituality and also drive us to be better at loving others.

I also believe that being an example to that person that is using so much negative to try to put you down can eventually turn their perception around about us. Usually people that hate on us are jealous of us already. They are also hurting and hurting people are susceptible to hurting others. Being a Christian I feel like there is so much we can do to change the outcome of a person’s behavior toward us. If we are in a good season in life, it’s easy to smile, be friendly and even take time to talk to them even when they try to resist. Sometimes that person just needs to see for themselves that our heart is in the right place. The challenge of being around a hater is definitely something that will build your character, but in the long run can bless you if you are motivated in the right direction to forgive.

That hater might be in a season where everything is going wrong and they see you as having the “perfect” life. Getting to know them better and sharing your flaws can be a great way to open a conversation and let them see you for who you are. Let’s face it; no one has a perfect life. We all go through things that are hard, because without those hard things, we don’t grow in character.
So next time you are getting frustrated with someone that no matter how good you are to them they seem to hate you… Use that as motivation to do the right thing. Blessings come to those that can turn the other cheek. It’s not always easy, but life is brighter when your light shines through. 🙂


Love and Light,

Counselor Karen

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