For Ever Young

We are all getting older and with life problems that come and go have you ever wondered why you are often stuck in a rut and not going anywhere? Do you feel that whatever you do nothing seems to go your way? Have you thought that life is not worth living? And list can go on and on so many problems and not knowing what to do with them and how to fix them. You turn to your friends and they do not want to hear and you have know where else to turn you feel totally alone even family do not understand you. Then you go to your doctor and he /she describes prescription drugs and you walk around like a zombie.

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What you have to remember is that everyone is too busy in their own lives and they really do not have the time or they are dealing with their own issues and hence the way you feel is that you just feel that time is passing you by.

As you can see the topic is called forever young this is why I am writing this to you to read in my LifeReader Blogs it has been about many things about the mind and soul mates and why things happen to you.

Now okay I have also mentioned about how Angels can help you with everything in life not just one thing everything I said that is right and when I say that God can help you with all things I meant it.

Keep in mind that we all have free will what happens to us where we go how we drive who we see and this list goes on everything you do in this life is by choice.

Okay we will go one step further you are totally responsible for what happens to you by your own choices you make in this life. That is where you hear the saying Free Will can be a bitch. Did you know that this is all a state of mind how old you feel and how young you feel.

I am 60 years old and I feel that I am still 21 years old the mind does not break down only the body it is what you put into your mind negative or positive your mind is like a computer it stores and records everything you do if you think young you are young if you think old you are old you have a choice for this as well how easy is that you have a choice. So let’s say everything that happens to you. You have a choice what you are going to think and feel about the situation. It is better to keep your own identity and stay in your own truth if friends are not good for you then that is not healthy you need to let go and the biggest thing for people to do is to let go of anything because the fear of loss when you hang on to things to tight you live for those things and you keep repeating the same thing because of your thought process. And fear of loss crazy isn’t it lets look at another side to this a fire breaks out in a town some people will just leave and save their lives and others will stay because they do not want to leave their home and their possessions and then they end up having their life taken from them nothing is worth more than your life i mean material possessions.

Sad really when you put material things and people before yourself it is like if you was in a plane and the plane was dropping pressure and the mask came down who would you save first? If the answer is the people well you are badly mistaken because you would pass out and then the people would be helped but if you put your mask on and then help them then they could survive you see by putting yourself first simple isn’t it if you do not look after yourself and your thought processes and your health then how can you help others and if you do not think young and feel young then you are not telling your body to stay young this is how it works dress young laugh as though you was young don’t be s stick in the mud don’t get old the body will anyway but your mind will not but you need to defrag your mind like learn to relax the mind it needs a rest as much as the body but so many problems people are awake all night with stress and this list goes on much more than I am talking about today.

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If you work on a computer you need to always have a virus protection on it this is what you need to have in your own mind but saying to the negative thoughts hey stop right there you do not belong to me and then the thought has no power over you . I can show you how easy it is to overcome anything that’s right anything and stay young in your mind with wisdom and love compassion and intellect and how you can obtain what you would like to have happen in this life all you have to do is ask me on life reader I care about you and let’s say that you are the most important person right now.

Exercise you can do for the mind say it in your mind only. Visualize yourself embraced by God and the Angels. Bright Gold Light is falling all around you. As you envision, say a personal prayer of thanks and ask for what you need and remember to be patient for them to give you what you need. For example: “I call my Guardian Angels to me. I give thanks for their love, protection and support. I ask this through Jesus Christ.

This is not about religion it is about getting to know your mind and how you were created in God’s image you can overcome anything once you put your mind to it.



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