Enlighten yourself with understanding your soul mate

Many times you ask yourself why it is so hard to find the right man or woman in my life ? The answer is very simple. When you stop looking and asking the universe to bring the right person in for your highest good often the angelic realm will bring someone in for your highest good.

When you look for your own partner then you do not see the person for who they really are because we live in a psychical world. You go for for looks and how the body looks and the face. Of course you have to have an attraction this is true but how much do you look inside the person.? This is what you need to ask yourself.

Do I give her or him a chance, but what happens is that you meet someone and you get caught up with the illusion like going to a candy store it is always good for the first few weeks or even months then you forget what you felt when you first met arguing starts and faults come out then the candy does not taste so good and the illusion has gone and you are left with hurt because he or she decides they do not want to be with you anymore. This happens a lot in relationships. Then what tops it off is that he or she has gone off with your best friend or back to their husband or wife. Or they make up excuses for not wanting a relationship.

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Sadly to say this is true and you are left broken hearted and you feel cheated and stupid to think you allowed yourself to be in that situation. Okay stop right there No you are not stupid and you did not make a mistake you went into this for the experience and the wisdom and realising this is something you will not do again but let me say often people repeat the same pattern and this needs to stop before you can truly be with your soul mate what you need to see is this everything before you was born was written the universe calls it the book of life so every second of your life is written even the people that you will meet along the way is written even the relationships you have everything you do and it is all for the experience and wisdom that you gain in this life.

Okay let’s start how I get to be with my soul mate this is simple first thing in identifying your soul mate is the connection you have the energy that you both share it is easy and not complicated when you make love it is like going to heaven and back. When you kiss it is as like a knowing. When you are a apart from each other you can still feel each other’s energy it is as though you know what each other is thinking and you do not have to say a word everything is harmonious. Now to get to this point even though you may feel all of this with your current partner. and you still argue and cannot get it right you need to let go of any control and allow things to happen naturally if he or she is not ready this does not mean they will not be ready in the future. To be with you but you must let them have the awakening that they want to be with you out of their own free will. You cannot make your soul mate be with you the universe guides and directs for the right second the right time for this event to happen. Seriously have you ever asked yourself is he or she the right one? Will this last forever. Weather you believe in God or the Angels have you ever thought to ask them.

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We all have a soul mate this is true but whether or not you recognise this is another story when the person enters your life. So you see we choose a partner for ourselves and then it does not work out and you wander why and you say that they have changed and they are not good to me and the list can go on but if you stood back and looked and took your time and everything is easy with the man or the woman and you both give love and affection communication understanding and remove all control and keep unconditional love as a blank piece of paper then your soul mate and you will last forever you see the blank piece of paper is simple that is unconditional love when you put conditions and control and she must do this and he must do that then you have distorted the balance this is not love this is conditioning of what you think love is and how your soul mate should be the sooner you put into practice the Blank piece of paper the quicker things will work out for you in this life and allow the universe to work with you. And because things are not happening with your man or your woman this does not mean it will not happen it means you have to understand the reason why this is where I can help you contact me on life reader we care about you.

Much love


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2 thoughts on “Enlighten yourself with understanding your soul mate

  1. sarah

    Hi will my ex come back to me n be a family again we split up 11-12weeks ago n after a 3day split it came out his seeing. A 19year old who he was texting. While we was on a break saying. The just friends I’m heartbroken. Was together. Nearly 6years n got 2kids together

  2. cathy

    thanks ann i really enjoyed reading your thoughts on relationships you are spot on just because a relationship doesnt work first time you never no years down the line it could


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