9 Reasons why an outcome may not come to pass

A lot of individuals who call psychics can end up frustrated when outcomes do not come to pass. However, there are reasons why this does happen, and not all of them have to do with whether or not a psychic is truly gifted. If a psychic is getting a lot of the past or present details correct they are likely gifted and picking up details in an accurate manner (for what is going on at that specific time). While I’m not suggesting that a psychic can simply be inaccurate at times (or that some can be more gifted then others), below are some basic reasons why outcomes may not come to pass even with psychics that are well known for their accuracy.

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1. Outcomes are not written in stone

The problem with predicting the future is it is just that: the future. It isn’t in form yet. If the future was a straight line, then reading the future it might be a lot easier. But, because it is not a straight line, the most a psychic can pick up on is patterns leading to probabilities (some psychics will read in terms of percentages). Anything that interrupts a pattern (including getting a reading) can change, delay, or speed up that probability. There are even tarot spreads that can be used to predict multiple probabilities based on continuing a current path versus choosing different actions. In fact, some prophecies will offer dual outcomes. For example, the Seven Fires prophecy of the Anishinaabe states:

“It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought with them in coming to this country will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth’s people.” (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_fires_prophecy)

Whenever you get a reading, understand that while there may be some element of predestination concerning events we experience or people we meet, the daily aspects of our lives, timeframes, or whether we will move on from one lesson to move to another are subject to being affected by free will and choice (of both ourselves and others).

2. Just looking at the future changes it

In the words of a fellow psychic, “Just looking at the future changes it.” For example, let’s say Jane is thinking of reaching out to her on-again, off-again partner. Let’s say Jane goes for a reading and the psychic tells her that they see a reconnection happening soon. If Jane then feels so positive about there being a reconnection that she no longer feels inclined to make the first move, then it could change the outcome. Alternatively, if the psychic saw that the ex was flirting with other girls, then possibly Jane might feel less hesitant about a reconnection happening or more determined not to make the first move.

3. Pressing a psychic to give extraneous information

Psychic ability is largely geared toward picking up general themes and insights rather than answering questions such as, “What is my ex doing at this moment?” or other highly specific or black/white/yes/no types of questions. In fact, if a psychic is really working with higher energies, these energies will likely not wish you to focus too much on details or to cross ethical boundaries to receive information about other people that you do not have permission to know. While it may be important for you to understand where you stand in a relationship concerning someone you have been intimately involved with, you do not necessarily have permission to know what s/he is doing every moment or concerning his or her relationship with other individuals (other than in a general way or way that involves you). So, if a psychic’s guide does not wish to give all these details then this can lead to “overrides” (when the message is given to direct the querent back to their own issues or a higher truth in the situation) or the potential for inaccuracies (as a guide steps aside feeling they are not being listened to or that their wisdom is being abused).

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3. Abuse of the occult

Psychic readings when overused can become like junk food. Like said earlier, higher energies may not wish to offer this kind of nourishment or may start to feel their wisdom will be unheeded. They may start to step aside or give a person what they want to hear if such a person is highly anxious and is unlikely to accept the truth of a situation.

4. Things are seen in an imperfect way

I was once giving a healing session to another psychic who out of the blue asked me “Are you losing weight?” I was kind of taken back because while I had actually gained weight, I had been thinking that whole morning about weight loss (how to change my diet).

I always tell people that when it comes to readings, it is not like a psychic is given a book of facts to read from but more subtle impressions and nuances. If you are expecting a psychic to be able to read you like your life is a book of dry facts, then you can set yourself up for unnecessary suffering or disappointment.

5. The outcome is misinterpreted or distorted

It is natural for us as humans to have filters that protect us to some degree from what we don’t want to hear, or that help us to process things in a black or white way. As part of this tendency, we may focus on one part of a reading while ignoring (or even completely forgetting) other parts; leaving us without a complete picture. After all, seeing a situation in terms of shades of grey doesn’t necessarily offer closure (which, many times people call a psychic looking for closure). So, a reading might sometimes be inaccurately processed or interpreted in ways that offer that sense of closure or validation that we are looking for.

6. Misunderstanding of words, ideas, or labels

Sometimes, words are used in a reading which the querent, psychic and/or their guides may use or interpret them differently. A few words include;

•Relationship: a psychic may use the word “relationship” and the querent may interpret this word means there is/will be a “commitment.”

•Reconnection: a “reconnection” does not always imply it will lead to a getting back together. Sometimes it just means you hear from or bump into someone again.

•Twin fame: There is no guarantee that this word means the person who is labeled a “twin flame” in a reading will want or enter into a commitment or relationship.

•Karmic/soul mate: sometimes there is a past life with a particular person (and some measure of predestination to meet again). However, someone being a soulmate doesn’t mean a relationship is predestined to work out. Sometimes, the higher lesson is one of letting go.

7. Fear or ego influencing the psychic

Because the giving readings is not an exercise in offering concrete facts or mathematical equations, psychics (much like any profession, even counselling) can be anxious about seeing things incorrectly, of hurting peoples feelings, of getting rated badly, of feeling pressured to give details (or being pressured to give it quickly), or other things. All of these factors can slant a reading. This can be especially true if the psychic is reading someone who is really upset, angry, defensive, crying or seems fragile when it comes to hearing something negative. It is natural to want to offer comfort or reassurance.

Psychics can also operate from an agenda. For example, those who focus on love and light may slant their readings in ways that encourage others to always be positive and hopeful rather than negative or seeing harsh truths, while those who focus on twin flames may slant a reading in those directions, etc. So, ego, preconditioning, projection, and the desire not to hurt people can all influence a reading.

Psychics may also unconsciously wish to offer an all-or-nothing type of insight in order to give a client closure or validation (many querents will not feel closure with a reading unless it is offered). However, often a situation is not all-or-nothing, so this can lead to inaccuracy with a situation which is off-and-on, a shade of grey, or a potential rather than something solidly in form.

8. Fear or ego influencing the querent

I have a card in my deck that states “Fear is causing the querent not to understand the situation clearly,” and it’s true. Emotions can cloud how we hear things, the questions we ask and the energy we project outward. This can affect outcomes or what kind of action we take.

It may seem hard to believe, but if the querent has strong energy and a strong desire for things to work out, this can influence a reading. Don’t believe me? Grab deck of tarot cards and do the same reading for yourselves on two different days: one where you feel hopeful and one where you feel hopeless or less sure. You will probably notice the readings on outcomes and cards you draw will be slightly different for each reading. The only thing that gets around this is to make sure you ask the right questions that will get beyond your ego and its hopes and fears.

9. Asking the wrong questions or getting incomplete answers

Another thing you have to remember is that a shorter reading where the psychic is pressed to give information quickly and unnaturally can lead more toward the potential for not seeing a complete picture or the psychic not having the time to tune into a situation (being pressured to see into a situation in a rushed way). For example, a woman called into a radio show and asked about love. A psychic told her that there was someone around her that had liked her but she had never really took notice of him. The woman immediately knew who this was (a neighbour) and jumped to this person being “the one.” However, the psychic had never said they were “the one.” And if the call ended here, the woman would have left with the wrong impression and not the whole picture. In truth, the psychic was seeing this man because there was nothing else to see around her and nothing big was coming anytime soon, so this was what spirit had to offer. Asking more questions revealed a bigger picture that she could work through issues of attracting men who were noncommittal or unable to come through in some form.

Even within some oracle decks there are cards indicating outcomes are not in stone, that an outcome is dependent upon a certain action, that there is a bigger picture, not to give your power away to a reading, etc. I even have a card in my deck that states “querent is over reading a situation and likely to set up a negative outcome for themselves.” And, this is true, because we can base our actions on what we hear in readings, which if it makes you withhold yourself, feel stubborn, back away, or come forward, this all can affect an outcome given. So, remember to always see that the future is an imperfect place and try to live your life in the present. This way you can receive a reading while being able to use it to its proper advantage: self-growth and enlightenment rather than hyper vigilance and waiting on a timeframe.

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