11 Ways Angels Connect and Communicate With Us

1. Feathers appearing where you least expected it to be ~ some angel feathers are manifested from heaven and others are from birds, jackets or pillows…. You know it is angelic when it is out of place, catches you eye, and you have either asked for a sign or been missing a passed over loved one.

2. Butterflies ~ especially if seen out of season or if it hovers around you for a prolonged period of time.

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3. Songs ~ If you have a special song with a deceased loved one, or if the words to the song answer whatever question you had going through your head, or if it feels like it is for you because it just makes you feel wonderfully full of love.

4. Books falling off of shelves when you pass. After seeing sparkling white lights for the first time, I went to the bookstore to investigate and the book Angels 101 dropped off the shelf at my feet and the page I opened it to? How to see your angels and what the different colours mean!

5. Lights flicker either in your home or the street lights on the street going off or on as you go by. Or the electronics go off and on, on their own. Do not be scared! Remember my mantra: you are light, created of light to be light and that you only allow light or those that come in light to come to you.

6. You try to phone or email someone and they never get your message or call. If this happens to you, think of the significance because there was some reason why the message was interrupted….

I have heard of an email that took TWO YEARS to get to the destination and reached there as a brand new unopened email. (True story I witnessed)
I have heard of many voice and text messages that never get to their destination. (True, it happened to me)

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7. Red lights or green lights indicate smooth sailing or slow down and take care. Or if you see multiple cars on your journey doing the same thing (like U-turns) try to figure out the meaning, because it is definitely a sign.

8. Seeing the same numbers multiple times in a day. (If you have a reading with me and have seen the same number a lot in your life, please tell me so that I can look in my Angel Numbers Book to find out its significance)

9. Random wonderful events that are perfect for you happening without you having to force it. They could be in answer to prayer or to your deepest desires. It could be something as simple as wanting to hear rom someone you have not connected with for a long time and you ask the angels for help and then they call. Or it could be something as wonderful as being in the right place to meet your soul-mate or make a work connection. Anything that is not forced but has perfect timing and brings joy into your life.

10. Random strangers conversations are the exact things you were just thinking or wondering about. 

11. Animals behaving differently than normal around you. I had one magical day at the beach where a flock of swimming birds followed along side as I walked the shore. It was comforting because at the time I was missing my Grandpa who had died a few months earlier. Then having about a dozen ladybugs land on my arms at the same time. Definitely a sign that I was involved in an invisible angel squeeze/hug.

Have you had any of these things happen to you? 

If so, leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

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9 thoughts on “11 Ways Angels Connect and Communicate With Us

  1. Rose Walsh

    Hi Sarah just found u.i always find white feathers see coins butterflies .its such a lovely feeling to do so. It makes me feel very connected to spirit world.Luv and light to u.:)

  2. melissa

    Hi I would like to do a reading with you please. I see several numbers. I have been seeing them for years but I didn’t understand the meanings until this year. The numbers I have seen are 3 ten years ago, 2 last year and this year…111,1111,222,22,333,33,444,555,666,777,888,88,999,1110,13 and many other numbers I also see 1120 which is my birthdate.

  3. lifereaderlifereader

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  4. Belinda

    Hi Sarah I seem to see feathers,I don’t know where they come from one day I came home from work and there was a birds feather sitting by my computer

  5. trish ohagan

    on mothers day a couple years ago my hubby and i were in the kitchen with the door open i said to him i wish our mothers were here for mothers day ,at that exact moment a small white feather sailed down gently and landed right in front of us .i firmly believe this was a gift from our mothers


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