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Worry ends where faith begins. Zinaida is a natural Reader who feels the energy from your voice and vibrations. She has the ability to tune into the people and their surroundings. Speak to a natural born gifted Psychic and get real answers.

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About Me

I am a direct descendent of the great Alevtina, one of the most respected, and powerful fortune tellers in Moldova. During her lifetime, my great-grandmother helped hundreds of people, and her methods remained a mystery. 

There was only one person who was entrusted with her methods.. Me. I was the only female born in her blood line that was gifted with the same abilities, and I use these abilities and methods to help others, one person at a time. I use spirits, including my great-grandmothers to help others.

If you need enlightenment, or have unanswered questions in life, I will help. I did not study to be a psychic, these abilities you can only be born with. After spending over 10 years as a private reader, I have decided to share my gifts with others around the world in need of help and answers. 

Every struggling soul in this world deserves to be healed. Let me walk with you through your toughest times, lets go on this spiritual journey together and I will lead you to peace and enlightenment.



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4 Feedback & Reviews