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About Zelena

I am a natural psychic with strong intuitive power. I was born to be a psychic, to help people find balance in life through uncovering the potential of the future. My years of experience have helped me give clear and concise readings that provide my clients' contentment and feeling a sense of hope, empowerment, and control.

I am able to quickly see deeper into a person than what is presented on the surface; I feel energies and see signs that help me to understand what that person needs and wants, and what might lie ahead. The truth is so important. I will direct you toward your best possible course. As I tap into your higher consciousness, you will see opportunities for growth within each challenge you face.

When reading I find that universal energy channels through me almost seamlessly, as the words flow from my mouth and I am able to interpret the cards in relation to the questioner. Most of my past clients describe me as a very compassionate and warm. They often liked my approach as direct to the point yet caring and understanding and as well as detailed and honest.

As well as Tarot, I specialize in deep healing & listening. Gifted with the ability to make others feel instantly comfortable and safe, I create a space in which people can open up and find self-realization through talking and understanding.  

Since finding meditation and yoga many years ago, I have progressed to delve deeper into my own consciousness, in turn making deeper connections with those I meet. I help people to find self-realization through conversation. Using my own inner wisdom and experience, I help to reflect others' lives back at them so that they can see things clearly. 

In the past, I have helped many people with relationship problems, romantic advice, family traumas and grieving. I also specialize in helping to get life 'back on track' in times of existential crises. Much of my knowledge has been gained through my own path of self-healing; through practicing self-love, yoga, meditation and diary writing I have gained the ability to truly connect with my gut, intuition and deep inner wisdom. I hope to help more people find the ability to do the same.

I believe psychic readings are most helpful when you feel stuck and without hope. Accuracy is paramount, and my accurate readings mean my callers can have faith and confidence in my predictions. Life is beautiful and too short to waste. Embrace each day to the fullest.

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