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About Victoria

For over 10 years, I’ve been blending science and spirituality to help hundreds of others remove barriers to living the life of their dreams. I use my amazing intuitive gifts to identify what needs to be brought to the surface to be healed. I can help you recognize the blockages, understand what created them, and help to clear the way for expanded living. Often healing and growth happen in record time. My goal is to connect with you—mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I’ll be able to answer every single question you have. My energy is strong but pure, true to the heart, very insightful, and very detailed. There is no question too big or too small that I cannot answer.

I offer intuitive and energy healing services design to quickly assist my clients with improved health, vitality, inspiration, motivation and guidance. Clients can explore multiple healing modalities of Energy Healing, Tarot Readings, Mediumship, and Sound Healing. I want you all to learn how to manifest what they want, whether it be romantic relationships, careers or whatever else they desire. I believe that psychic readings provide the guidance that helps people navigate the roadmaps of their lives more smoothly. 

My mission is to help others recognize and utilize their innate abilities to heal the mind, body and spirit.  Clients report that my services are vital and supportive, while providing accurate, timely information that leads to significant insights and ultimately healing. My unique blend of gifts facilitates dynamic change in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Open to the greatness of who you are and learn to create the life of your dreams.  Every day is a New Day!

As a life-long seeker of higher knowledge and truth, I spontaneously experienced a psychic opening and the gift of intuitive hands-on healing.  This provided what can only be described as an opening to a broader understanding of the spiritual evolution on this planet. As a pragmatist, I undertook an intensive approach to supplementing these gifts with training and certification in multiple healing modalities.  By combining both my natural gifts and academic training, I have developed my own style of healing which provides dynamic results for my clients. I hope to give you a better understanding and outlook for your future to give you faith for tomorrow.

My new life path has led me to help others understand that life can be limitless, joyful and abundant beyond the imagination. That any type of healing – physical, emotional, mental, behavioral or psychic – can occur in a moment and can lead to permanent and positive change. I have expanded this to develop New Day Events with a mission to provide inspired professional quality personal-development conferences, seminars and lectures that expand and motivate others to achieve their goals and realize their dreams. I strive to be a contributing force in the uplifting of others through education, information, training and support. Together we are more than we are individually.

My Experience:

More than 10 Years of Experience
Medical Intuitive
Holistic Healer
Spiritual Teacher
Psychic Medium
Tarot Reader

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