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Picks up a connection with her querent.
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About Teressa

I was born with the gift of insight, as a psychic empath, I not only visually and intuitively read the messages, impressions and visions I receive, I also connect to your current and surrounding energies. My aim is to help you raise your vibration so that nothing stops you living your best life. I am here to bring you peace of mind, inspire you to follow through on your goals, to be in charge of your destiny.

I channel with spirit, pick up a connection with my querent and let the universal energies and God-consciousness guide the reading. I am a Master Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and energy healer. I focus on the current energies and look at where you are in the present moment, this is the ultimate, as it directly reflects what happened in the past. I have always helped and guided those a little stuck or lost. I want you to finish the reading with a detailed plan and specific guidance, regardless of what difficulty or feelings you are experiencing in the present moment. We have loving guides around us who are aware of our past, present, and future. They will share information to create a better future.

By looking at the past we can assess patterns and karmic lessons that still have residual learning energy attached. Don't bury your head in the sand and let life just happen to you. Being proactive with solid intuitive advice will help you to be more successful than you could ever imagine. I have a deep, spiritual connection with the universe and the people I read for.
I aim to bring peace and understanding to my querents and give them the answers they need to hear, sometimes being what they do not want to hear. This is so my querents have the opportunity to redirect their path and make the best choice for their highest good.

My desire is to bring answers, give a sense of direction to the hopeless heart, and share courage for growth of spirit. Let’s learn to focus on the positive and get in touch with ourselves first.

My Experience:

Master level Usui Shyoho Reiki
Rainbow Reiki
Lemurian Light
Atlantean Reiki
Crystal Reiki
Light language activator
Energy Healing
Motivational guide
Channel for spiritual conversations

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