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Intuitive, giving you deep insight into your situation.
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About Sylvia

I am an Intuitive reader who has helped many people with my expertise and guidance from my spirit guides, with relationship problems, matters of the heart, children, breaking up and divorce.
I totally understand how you would be feeling through all issues of life and most of all the hurt and pain this brings to you. I am a compassionate reader who loves people. I give honest insights in all situations, that are holding you back from your potential.
I am here to help those people who have especially been in toxic relationships and having a hard time understanding why. The answers are not always easy to come by. I will always look deep into this situation for you and give you the information to help you move forward and heal.
I am certified and my qualifications enable me to help you as I am here to guide you with help from my spirit guides for the past present and future.
You can overcome anything once you know how and where to look. If you are feeling lost or stuck then I am here to help you unlock this and help you move forward. 
When fears and doubts are overcome, inner peace is found, life flows easier and progresses in a different more productive direction.  
Talk to you soon.
Love and Light and Blessings

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Diploma in Tarot

Clairsentience and Claircognizance

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