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About Shaun

I am an intuitive, clairsentient psychic tarot reader and spiritual mentor and I have devoted my life to helping others unlock their full potentials and heal past wounds. I have done this work for 35 years now. My family has a line of readers stretching back generations. I am also a social worker and have worked in many fields for over 27 years. I love to empower others to see their power and truth. I aim to be straightforward, tactful, and truthful. I would love to talk about relationships. Whether it’s your romances, your family or your co-workers, I am an expert when it comes to the dynamics between two people.

I am a powerful motivator of people, and have the ability to see the best in people and to help this to shine. Most of my professional work, whether as a social worker or tarot reader, is focused on empowering others to know themselves better, to face fears, to understand the lessons of the challenges they face in life, and to open themselves up to self-love, which leads to making powerful, positive choices for themselves, and allows abundance to flow. I am honest and straightforward and hope to ease your mind.

I have lots of experience and skill at empowering people to understand what the Universe is trying to teach them, and helping them embrace the lesson so that they grow and move more into their real purpose in life. When reading for someone I use the Alistair Crowley Tarot deck, and use this brilliant tool as a way to enter into communication with Spirit who guides the process and gives the readers insight into their situation and the way forward.  I hope to convey to each caller that they are a worthwhile and beautiful human being despite any hardships they might be encountering. I hope to be a beacon of light in a world that sometimes feels discouraging.

I can help you to set and achieve small goals, while keeping your focus on the present. I am skilled at interpreting the signs on both the cards, and in the messages from Spirit, and view it as my role to give honest, loving answers to the questions asked by clients and I am happy to have made a positive impact in the lives of many.

I work best with direct questions. I do not like to waste your time telling you things you are not asking about. I am a clear and happy human, so I deliver the information with poise and confidence in the most positive way possible. I will help my callers discover what is hidden so they obtain the information they need to make the decisions that they are currently facing

My Experience

More than 35 years of Experience
Tarot Reader
Spiritual Mentor

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