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Rubee Skye

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  • Readings: 2543
  • Reviews: 537

Astounding predictions by using her third eye.

Rubee is a blessed Psychic, Tarot Reader and Visionary. Her THIRD EYE provides her with amazing insight into the Past, Present and the Future. She is an old soul with the ability to feel deep compassion and give you honest answers and solutions to all your questions. She specializes in Astrology, Numerology and Dream Interpretation.

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About Me

I have been reading the magical Tarot the majority of my life. I come from generations of readers. My cards actually come alive in my hands. My readings are all about you! To possess the gift of a psychic means I have a responsibility, a duty to red with spiritual truth and integrity. Each and every problem has a solution. Each question has an answer.

I know that every caller has hope and concerns and has their own unique circumstances. My Spirit Guide, my Angels, open a gateway to my heart and that is when I know the answers start flowing. I have always believed in my angels wisdom. They gave me the gifts of compassion, empathy and vision. I am here on LifeReader to enlighten and inspire you. Always know that hearing the truth, whatever that may be , will always set you free. The knowledge you receive will give you peace of mind, fulfillment, growth.

My readings involved every aspect of your life. When our call ends you will feel like a heavy weight or burden has been removed from your strong shoulders. During your reading I will receive visions of the past, the present and the future. Confusion will be lifted and clarified. My specialties include, Love and Relationships, Dream interpretation, Numerology, Career, Past lives, Family and of course Angel messages directly from my Spirit guide.



I have many years of conducting personal and online readings for clients world wide.
I have appeared on local radio  and TV talk shows.
I am on a life long journey of awakening and have studied with great Masters.
I am fortunate to live in a famous resort where I have had the pleasure of reading for people of all walks of life, many have been quite famous and continue to see me when in town.

The best qualification of all is that I love what I do.


537 Feedback & Reviews

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