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About Renee

I am a Psychic Medium Empath with empathetic Readings Healing and Guidance in Love Life & Career and Channeling of passed loved ones and messages from the spirit world. I am also skilled in retrieving past life information. Warm, compassionate, straight-forward and brutally honest, my insight provides a roadmap to better understanding and optimization of the opportunities that life grants you. My reading style is inspirational and empowering.

Readings are a positive force as they inspire, energize, release pain, and empower. I believe we can choose our own destinies. My life has changed so much in the over the past years because I chose the destiny I wanted. I can help you choose your destiny too. I am a caring soul who is born gifted and is a psychic medium empath, with my amazing gifts; I can connect to your past loved ones and relay messages from the spirit world, with my ability to channel accurate messages to you with past present and future. I believe all things happen for a reason, and it's my goal to help you understand your messages.  I strongly believe that everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth. Each reading has the potential to change a life.

I am well known to be spot on, a caring and a very giving soul whose energy radiates with much love and light, you won’t be disappointed connecting with me today and allow me to bring much clarity and messages you are searching for. My hope is that my reading causes you to consider the importance of life goals and life in general. I am patient and work with questions that may seem trivial; however, they have powerful significance for us in our own individual life paths.

My Experience:

An experienced Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircongenient  Clairvoyant 
A psychic empath and a Psychic Medium 
Love & Relationship; Life Coaching; Motivational Guidance

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