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About Nathara

I am a third generation psychic who has been studying metaphysical concepts her entire life, reading tarot for over 25 years, and reading professionally for 10 years. I strongly believe in anyone's ability to change the course of their life. Without a doubt, we are the creators of our reality. We have within us the ability to bring about the life we want, but it always starts with the self and our own empowerment. We can always shift our perspective.

I can answer any question and have a fast and flexible reading style that does not rely on specific spreads or layouts. All I need from my clients are first names and the question that they have and from there, I can use my gifts and tarot cards to bring them the answers that they need. 

When conducting readings, I primarily use my tarot cards in conjunction with my gifts of claircognizance and empathy help answers questions, provide guidance, and create clarity. I am nonjudgmental, honest, straight-forward, and I emphasize free will and solutions. It is important to me that my clients know that they are important, their feelings are valid, and to make sure they have what they need to create the future that they want to live. Why look into the future or ask questions if there is nothing that we can do with the answers?

While relationship readings are usually the most sought after readings, I am also happy to provide job and career readings, life path readings, as well as soul purpose readings. In addition, I'm happy to bring in all my other skills, abilities, and information to hand as necessary to access the information and best options that are available for my clients. These include but are not limited to numerology, mediumship, communication with spirit guides and ancestors, as well as accessing akashic records. 

Though I follow a Pagan faith path, I work within all philosophical and religious beliefs and belief systems to connect with my clients where they are. I do not believe that any path is better than any other and is happy to work with my clients in the systems that they are most comfortable with. I want you to feel empowered with an understanding of how you can create a happier, clearer, and more peaceful life. If you’re willing to play an active role in your reading and your life, you’ve found the right psychic.

My Experience:

3 Decades of experience

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