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Michele Dawson

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  • Readings: 3162
  • Reviews: 780

Taps into their soul & tells you what they are feeling.

Michele is a Medium and Master/Teacher of five different Reiki systems, with a close connection to Melchy, her Spirit Guide. Melchy supports Michele in channeling the universal truth she receives during a reading. As a Certified Life Force Energy Healer and Certified Spirit Guide Coach, she will help you to empower yourself to move down your own path and to find the happiness you deserve. Her specialities are matters related to relationships, finances, career and house moves.

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About Me

I had a near death experience that brought about my Mediumship skills and Clairvoyant skills. I have worked hard on perfecting each skill and utilizing it to the best of my knowledge. Along with Mediumship skills, I am also Clairaudient (hearing), Clairvoyant (seeing) and Clairsentience (feeling). I use these in conjunction with the Tarot or Oracle Cards. I also can pick up on timing through being able to predict what the future might hold if you stay on your intended path. 

Most of the messages come through my guides that help me along every single day. I believe in the power of Prayer, Affirmations, Mantra and Positive thinking. I teach the Law of Attraction and also psychic development courses. I believe in helping others reach their full potential through life. I help to empower you as you move through your everyday trials or career, finances and relationships. I help you to see the "YOU" that has always been there. I am a life long student and teacher as I believe there is never a day where we don't learn something. I also do Dream Interpretations that help you analyze what your dream is about and what it is trying to tell you. 

I am here to help you bring about the real you. The person that has always been there and is willing to come out and show the world how beautiful you really are.
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Certified Life Force Energy Healer by Deborah King
Certified Spirit Guide Coach by Deborah King
Natural Medium
Imara Reiki Master/Teacher
Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Atlantean Reiki Master/Teacher
Past Life Channeler
Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
Shamanic Attunment for Empowerment
Tarot Card Reader
Oracle Card Reader
Crystal Reader
Soul Ascension Reader


780 Feedback & Reviews

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