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Int'l known psychic, truthful, on point & accurate.

Lana will gently guide you on all aspects of life with her special abilities and experience. She can see past, present and future, past lives and karmic connections, and also communicate with loved ones on the other side. Lana is an internationally known, honest and precise psychic-medium, Tarot and Osho reader, healer, spiritual guide and life coach. A reading with Lana is an uplifting experience.

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About Me

Hello my friend, and welcome to my Realm, a place which just might change your life.

If you are facing difficulties in your love life, you have relationship problems, you don't know what he thinks and feels, you deal with trust issues, conflicts, insecurities, low self esteem, or you need guidance about your work or career, call me and let me help you. You are not alone; I am only a call away.

I have discovered my psychic abilities from a very early age. As I grew up and understood that my "gut feelings", as I used to call it, have a name: channeling and mediumship, it pushed me to further and deeper understand the spiritual world.

I was mostly attracted to the field of energy: what is it, how does it work, how is it possible to use energy in order to create change. Parallel came the interest in understanding human nature, life path, karma, etc.

Life coincidence (was it life coincidences or was it me reaching my souls destiny) have brought people to seek my advice, and this is how I have started working as a professional Psychic-Medium and Spiritual guide.

In addition, to further aid my clients with more tools as well as to quench my "inborn" curiosity and needs, I have studied and evolved many therapeutic techniques.
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I am a Psychic-Medium, Spiritual Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Intuitive Visionary, Tarot and Osho reader, Master I-Ching, Crystal Gazer and Spiritual Guide. I can also communicate for you with your loved ones on the other side.

In my readings, I combine my special gifts with my unique ability to bond with my clients just by their names (or other names given) and really get to know you, and yours, on all levels.

I am also a licensed therapist in: psychotherapy, color therapy, palm therapy, counselling and re-evaluation, healing and life coaching.

I also studied the Kabbala and many Eastern Philosophies and Doctrines.

Articles about my abilities have been published in various newspapers and journals.

I have been invited to appear on TV and radio shows.

I have 40 years of experience at successfully helping people of all walks of life on all aspects of life.


516 Feedback & Reviews

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