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About Kriss

I'm a Clairvoyant Medium, Psychometry  and an experienced Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. I first started reading when I was 18 years old, with the help of an elderly woman through the use of a pendulum, which really opened up my third eye and allowed me to see images and symbols to interpret as messages. I help people find answers, clarity, and direction in times of need. I take great comfort in seeing anxious people calmed, and worried people empowered.

As time went on, I learned tarot, learned how to read oracle cards, got into numerology, colour meanings, learnt about star signs and their personality traits. I learned everything I could about this field. And by the time I was 21, I was able to read without any tools. I was now able to tune in energetically to another person’s vibration. With consistent practice and the constant use of using my intuition, it then opened up my mediumship gift. I can even tune into any pets, living or passed. I have a very special interest in Crystals and how they can help heal. I am also in the process of studying to learn palmistry so I can read a client’s palm.

Everything I receive for a psychic reading is channelled directly from spirit. I am able to see, hear, feel and know exactly what is going on in your life from the past, the present and see into your future.

In my line of work, I have experienced the blessing of being able to help those in need when they have needed it most.

With my readings I use a range of gifts, these include: Clairvoyance; which allows me to see clear visions, images and spirits with my third eye. Empathy; which allows me to feel your moods in my own body so I'm able to know exactly how you feel. Channeling; which allows me to channel and speak information directly from spirit to you. Clairaudience; which allows me to hear sounds that aren't audible to the human ear. Mediumship; which allows me to connect and communicate with a passed over loved one.

Psychic readings, when done properly, give people a better understanding of their situation from the inside out. Personal feelings don’t get in the way, and the ultimate goal is to banish confusion and improve the chances for a better outcome. Anytime you look at something from a different point of view clarity becomes inevitable.

As a reader, I like to be able to help a client understand their situation better. I have a background in counselling so it's in my nature to want to genuinely help people feel better, by communicating with them in a way where they understand that not everything is as it seems sometimes. That there is always hope and that there is always a way. 

My approach is gentle but direct. I get straight to the heart of any matter and I hope my clients feel a sense of relief after speaking with me. 

I am here to shed light and to always inspire hope. I look forward to chatting to each and every one of you.

My Experience:

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