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About Kian

I am a straightforward, honest and go straight to the point, and most importantly I aim to make the most out of our time. As I look into your life, I will discuss how you can consciously create desired transformations. I will help you find balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life: including, love, relationship, finances and life lessons delivering it in a compassionate yet straightforward manner so you can receive the most in-depth and detailed information illuminating your past, present, and future.

My spiritual journey began at 12 years old as I began searching for ways to heal from abuse and trauma. Comparative studies on spirituality, astrology, and philosophy and belief systems opened my being up to powerful insights and my psychic abilities kicked in at 16. From 18 I studied and practiced body electronics founded by Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray. 

It was then that I first uncovered the reality of dis-incarnated beings and entities and their impact on our energy field. Body electronics also taught that traumatic experiences are trapped in our physical emotional and mental bodies in the form of word patterns, belief systems, and blockages that cause depression, anxiety, and illness. 

I became a Remedial Massage Therapist at 19 and soon developed my own style of intuitive energy healing which eventually led me to meet my long term spiritual partner and shamanic teacher who had developed her own healing system called Divine Plan Spiritual Healing which compliments psychic channeling that I now practice. 

The system gives you a clear road map of where you are resonating in relation to spirit and where your highest potential resonation point is. It then allows you to see where you are resonating in the present moment and helps you map out the exact energies, relationship dynamics and belief systems that are standing between you and your divine path.The strongest part of the work lies in removing trapped dis-incarnated spirits from people and places. These are commonly deceased loved ones and often carry messages for the client. After clearing the energy field of unwanted attachments the work involves pinpointing and clearing disharmonious personal dynamics with people including family and loved ones past and present, re-wiring negative belief systems and defining clear actions that move one toward their divine path! I have used this work over the years to heal myself and my clients to help them resonate at their highest potential.

Discover the great life you should be living. My mission is to leave you with a lighter heart and clearer head to move you through any difficulty. No one should ever judge another person for any path they choose. Everyone is part of a divine plan and progresses at their own speed. I believe I am here to help show you that no matter how bad a situation is, it can always have a happy and positive ending.

My Experience:

Spiritual Healer
Remedial Therapist.

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