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About Kerstin

I am an honest, down-to-earth reader, maturing my craft over the decades, and connecting with people from all walks of life, in many different situations. I enjoy discussing love, finance, and spirituality. I like to be tender and tactful but straightforward and practical, go straight to the point, and most importantly I aim to make the most out of our time.

Have you been looking for someone to help you see the dynamics of your relationship, family, or career issues? Get ready to be inspired. I look forward to guiding you on your future path. We will be working together to understand your past, as well as the present, while preparing you for your future.  It doesn’t matter the situation or subject; I want to help you resolve your dilemma and put your mind at ease.

Cards are a great tool for reframing situations we find ourselves in and accessing a new point of view. I use the Tarot, Lenormand, Runes, and Oracle cards to help you understand the influences and nuances of life. We can shift patterns that no longer serve you, and see what is possible to embrace in your future. I believe that we must never judge because we are all unique and always have lessons to learn in our lives. You just need to know that you can overcome whatever difficulties get in the way. The universe will never present us with a challenge we cannot overcome. I have great faith in people’s strengths and capabilities.

My first introduction to anything spiritual happened when I was 4. I had a dream during which I met my grandfather, who had passed over and now seemed to be teaching me, explaining how things worked from his point of view. After being gently ushered back (being told that I had to once again 'separate from those passed over'), I was left with an awe of the vastness of life, memory, and existence, which also helped to orientate my life as I developed. Coupled with this came an ability to sense deeply and in detail. As I grew up, I wanted to work with this concept of spirituality, and further how our choices interact with those of other people's (the details that create the future). I soon found that Tarot cards bring me back to both views quickly.

I first came across pictures of the Tarot inside an album cover at the age of 12. I knew there was a lot to these as archetypes. They felt familiar, and so charged with meaning, which inspired me. When I was 18, I finally bought my first deck of cards. I became a professional reader 7 years later, and am still amazed at how potent and unique each reading can be.

Join me for guidance through the cards, whether your questions are big-picture or everyday concerns that you want perspective on. Nothing is too big or small. I hope to provide clarity, so you can move forward with an empowered sense of self.

I am here to empower you to live your best life now, with peace in your heart and blessings surrounding you. Let's reveal what's likely to unfold for you...

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