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Bridging the gap between truth & compassion.
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About Kaitlin

I am a Raised Pagan, My Given name Kaitlin Rhiannon translates from Welsh & Irish Gaelic to "Pure Witch". I took this seriously, and began my Journey by reading a cup of tea leaves at an early age of 8, with no difficulty at all.

Using many different mediums of Divination, I make sure my clients are my number 1 priority delivering not what you want to hear, but what you need to know, and always from a place of compassion and kindness.

I will make you feel valued and reading with me is like talking to a friend rather than random stranger. I offer the guidance the Universe is sending that you may not be able to recognize. If you feel like you are stuck or cloudy, I can help to clear the air and open your eyes to what is holding you back. Remember, this is YOUR reading- I can guide you, but it is up to you to take those steps.

With over 13 generations of Healers, Crafters and Seers in my lineage, I have never questioned my abilities, or my capacity to help people. I provide straightforward and to the point reading to help you better understand your life situation. Sometimes it just takes a gentle push in the right direction to get un-stuck from the place you are in. With my aid, you can learn from your Past, examine your Present, and prepare yourself for your Future and I will make sure that By the end of your reading, you will feel eased, renewed and will have a positive outlook in life.

A natural born psychic, I began reading tea leaves when she was eight years old. I took up Norse Runes at eleven years, and was given my first Oracle Deck at thirteen- which I still use to this day, along with many other mediums of Divination. I take my practise seriously, and study every day to add reading styles to my repertoire to best serve the people who come into my life. Scrying, Rune Readings, Lenormand, Tarot, Oracle, 2nd Degree Reiki.

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