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About Jovana

I love being able to give back to those in need of my guidance. I'm an Empathic Intuitive reader helping clients with any problem they might have. Big or small I am here to help guide & shine clarity.

For the past 10 years I've been a sound support to many people that have crossed my path, helping them find clarity, inspiration & compassion not only towards themselves, but the world around us. As an Intuitive reader I hold space for anyone to open up & share what they are going through. Holding a safe space for anybody that may need it. My passion is in life-coaching & helping people turn their lives around. We are capable of the world, we just sometimes need an extra nudge. 

On my journey I have helped guide many onto a better path, helping them see their inner potential. By working with them to see their inner light & worth in this life-time. This kind of work makes me very content and passion about what I do. I have a gift and I'm here to share it and help others discover what they have been blind to their whole lives.

 Rain or shine I'm here to assist & help guide. I like to call myself somewhat of a "human soundboard" you see, I'm a strong believer in "we all have the answers we need within us." But sometimes all it takes is someone willing to listen. As an intuitive empath I'm able to really put myself in anyone’s shoes to assist them with a wide range of things from important life choices/guidances, inner emotional blockages, love-life/relationships & career guidance. Together we can make life work for the better no matter the situation.

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