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About Joseph

I am a natural born gifted psychic, clairvoyant and tarot reader. I hold a Doctorate of Metaphysics, operating with the mysteries, transmitting metaphysical truth & relevant spiritual and philosophical principles. I interpret dreams and tarot cards as a total story, just as the (Biblical Joseph) interpreted dreams. I actively engage in consulting local, and international clients to take a positive stand in their lives, and through my work and clarity of insight, I have helped many people regain a sense of balance and control over their lives. I symbolically use tarot cards and divination as a medium (vehicle) to guide you on the right path to find the right solutions and best results. I also conduct personal spiritual healing, clearing of home and businesses, and exorcism of any negative spirits energy. I provide relationship insight and guidance, self-esteem, and personal development insight.

I provide detailed information that is accurate and to the point. I always make sure that my clients are comfortable enough to open up all concerns that he/she has. I am a great listener and adviser. I will respect all information you give and will make you feel at ease.

My credo is that unless one is blessed with (innate) spiritual gifts, and is truly connected to Christ 's divine light and love, in other words, being pure in heart and mind, (as that of a child), one cannot (truly) dwell in the spiritual realm. Don't fool yourself; these fundamental innate gifts cannot simply be acquired through a process of learning or reading books about spirituality, just like being an 'Academic' through studies, does not necessarily make you a 'Genius' who’s naturally born with such an innate gift. Talents are inherited, developed and expected by so many and can be used selfishly for personal gratification. Gifts are received, matured, surprising and possessed by the few and used in good faith only to serve.

My Experience is:

Over 40 years of experience as a psychic, clairvoyant, tarot card and spiritual insight reader. 

Prediction - Divination - Destiny - Psychic Reading - Spiritual Healing - Clearing - Exorcism I provide; guidance - direction.

Resolution in the following areas: Career - Finance - Love & Relationship - Partner & Character Insight - Home, Family & Children - General Issues - Dream Interpretation - Self Esteem & Personal Development insight - People Skill & Diplomacy - Motivation & Success.

I am always helpful and professional. I have assisted many and regular clients who are seeking self-understanding counsel in their lives. I am a person that provide clarity, honesty and compassionate guidance, as well as having a nouse for self-understanding and the nature of human personality.

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