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Int'l psychic giving guidance and empowerment.

Are they coming back or gone for good? No fairytales - Honest, accurate & Ethical! Gifted. Jas offers honest and accurate readings in any area of your life, love, marriage career and lost loved ones. A reading with her will help you gain unique insight into the thoughts and feelings of those around you, and what their intentions are.

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About Me

Hi, I am Jas, I am a compassionate and empathic spiritual psychic reader. I have been giving readings for over 15 years, and my preferred areas of focus during my readings are emotional insight and empathy, general readings and priorities in your life, and love and relationships. 

I first realised that I was a psychic at a very early age, at around 4 years old. I would occasionally be able to sense that things were going to happen, and I became aware of energies around me around this time. As I grew older, I became aware that other members of my family were also psychics, so I grew up learning astrology, and developing and honing my psychic skills, all of which have enabled me to become the reader that I am today. 

When you first come through to me, after introducing myself and explaining how I work, I will do my best to approach my reading in a friendly and warm way, to allow you to feel like you are speaking to an old friend on the phone. I feel that this can encourage you to be more relaxed and open in your reading, and in turn allow you to get as much insight and guidance from it as possible.

When you connect with me for a reading, I will mainly use my cards, in conjunction with my psychic skills, in order to deliver your reading. I will use my cards to try and tune in to your energies, and once I have made my connection, I can receive messages and images from my guides, which can allow me to gain a deeper level of insight into your situation, which I can then pass on to you.



Psychic Clairvoyant

Compassionate Empathic Psychic Reader


34 Feedback & Reviews

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