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Guidance from your Soul to help you reach your full potential.

Ivan is a Psychic/Medium, Spiritual healer and Past Life Regressionist, with the unique ability to feel and experience things from the clients perspective and guide them to where they would Love to be.

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About Me

During your reading I see visions of your past, present and your future allowing me to guide you there. I am passionate about bringing out the best in you and awakening you to your full potential.

I can see into your future and bring forth the knowledge for you in the reading that you need to move into the new you. I also see your past and can use this information to help move past the blockages that are stopping you from becoming the person you would love to be and break the cycle.

I am able to guide you on your Growth, Relationships, Work, Health, Home, Financial and Family concerns during readings while also passing on the information your guides need you to know.

I also can see what is going on within your energy system and also the physical body. Seeing your Aura and Chakras gives me an insight into how your energy is flowing. I feel deeply into what is going on in your life.

No matter what it is you seek, my aim is to help you find it, providing guidance for all your choices in the direction you wish to go. I work with Spirit Guides, Angels and also those loved ones that have passed over, allowing the messages to be given to you as I hear them and see them.

Allowing me to tune in and give accurate and honest answers to all of your questions as they arise. No matter what is going on in your life I am here to help and assist you.



I have been a professional Psychic and Healer since 2009 
A current member of the International Psychic Association.
I have the pleasure off being on Psychic TV sharing knowledge and readings from my heart. 
Internet Radio Interviews with The Spiritual Workshop,
Many Articles I have written have been published in magazines and also online.
Past Life Regressionist
Reiki master
Spiritual Healer
Energy Reader


53 Feedback & Reviews

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