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About Halabuth

I am a fully awakened psychic reader who is aligned with God and His Angels.  I answer any question and give a complete psychic reading that covers past lives, akashic record, present life issues & future life events. I am God's Angel Reader. I can connect easily on an energetic level. I am encouraging, straight to the point and I am mindful of your time. I can do specific to general reading from your past and will pick up on what's happening in your life in the present and what's going to happen in the near future.

You will gain a sense of direction and faith about the great things happening in your life now and that is always coming your way. I am well trained in Angel Miracles with the Renowned School of Psychics, the Isis Mystery School from Australia. I am as well as a Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I am also trained in therapeutic arts like Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Writing. 

My mission is to help more people achieve their goals through a combination of Divine Insight, Strategic Planning, and Inspirational Advice. I first came across true psychic power while I was studying. I have been through a long spiritual journey starting since 2010, where I started experiencing spiritual activity. In 2011, I had a blast of awakening while meditating on my Zen cushion. I had years of training by Spirit Guides in listening with the Divine Ear (Clairaudience), seeing with the Divine Eye (Clairvoyance), getting Divine Insight (claircognizance) and feeling subtle energies (clairsentience). God gave me a task. 

I have guided many people of their love and relationship issues, giving psychic insight into why people must act the way they do. I am a skilled Spiritual Counsellor with the ability to solve problems at the Spiritual Level rather than just the psychological level. I am a fully awakened psychic and uses Buddhist Meditation system to awaken myself. I am also an author and wrote “Journey of The Mind: Transforming Yourself To Change Your Life”. I offer advice on many of life's pressing issues. Especially if you have a burning question and want to find out the truth from the spiritual world.

I can connect instantly to God and His Angels to divine the answers for your future. What makes you happy? Is it more money? I can give you the Business Ideas you need to succeed. Ideas are based on your personal karma and pulled directly from the Divine Source. So you can be sure it is right for you! Whether you are expanding your empire or you need to start a new source of income, a business consultation with me is what you need.

My Qualifications:

Experienced Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairsentience
Trained in therapeutic arts (Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy)
Bachelor of Arts in Writing
Spiritual Counselor

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