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Do you have a feeling of despair? I'm here for you with psychic and clairvoyant gifts along with Spiritual Counselling. 

Gwennie will support you in offering clarity in situations that are causing anxiety and/or stress, so you can have a new perspective on life's challenges and move into a more loving and joyful direction. 

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About Me

Welcome, I started this path around the age of eight years of age when was lying in bed and I watched a Spirit glide towards me. I shut my eyes tightly and waited a while, I then took another look and I watched it go through the wall into one of my brother's bedroom. 

One week later my brother was involved in a motorcycle accident and passed away in hospital. Similar events like this took place over the years. I tried all types of different vocations, but the only one that I was content with was studying natural therapies and body energies. 

Working with these modalities along with the gifts I was given has allowed me to support people all over the world. I usually start my reading with your birthdate and work with your numbers known as numerology.

This then gives me the opportunity to connect with your loved ones and guides so we can help you as much as possible in those moments of need.

My grandmother was a gifted psychic and with her lovely energy and experience when she was in this world, I was able to work with the tarots. Tarots are another tool to connect with you so I can give you clarity from your loved ones and guides.

I channel the information that is been given to me. Remember readings are a two way energy, so you need to make yourself open to a reading by asking your guides to work with us and you can ask questions that you feel are important to you so you get 100 percent clarity. 

I am here to serve the best outcome for your highest good.



Over 35 Years experience of supporting others in my private practise including 5 years experience of International phone readings and chats 
Diploma of Metaphysical Counselling 
Crt.  Breakthrough Experience Program
Crt.  NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming
Crt.  Hypnotherapy
Crt.  Thought Field Therapy Algorithm
Dip.  Remedial Massage 
Dip. Traditional Chinese Massage and Acupressure 
Advanced Dip. Traditional Chinese Massage and Acupressure
Crt.  Chakra Balancing Dip.
Anatomy and Physiology 
Trained as a vitamin and nutritional consultant with USANA and Herbal Life. 
Four day Vision Quest south of Alice Springs, Central Australia
Seven days of Sacred ceremonies with six Australian Indigenous women desert tribe’s in Ernabella, Central Australia
Sacred ceremonies and learning from a Lakota, Native American community
Cultural experiences and ceremonies with New Zealand Maori, Taranaki Tribe. 
Member of the Australian International Psychics Association.


34 Feedback & Reviews

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