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Sense the flow of energy. Predicts outcomes & paths.

Gona is the Intuitive Empath you have been looking for. Since early childhood Gona has had the ability to sense the flow of energy in any situation or issue. She can predict outcomes and explain in-depth where various choices/paths will lead you. 

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About Me

As an experienced Clairvoyant, I can view the past, present and future; thus I am able to offer solutions and strategies so that one can come out a winner. I consistently encourage clients to follow their heart's desire. By following our inner-truth we not only grow as spiritual beings but also find true joy and liberation. By using my Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities, I am able to recognize a person's unconscious goals. To reach goals we must overcome fears, and I will help you to find and overcome yours. A spiritual breakthrough happens when we are unafraid to pursue our passions, and this will lead you to personal freedom. 

Through Channeling and Automatic Writing, I connect with Guides to bring forward uplifting guidance so you can choose to have the opportunity for Spiritual Unfoldment and conscious transformation. This proves to be powerful in personal evolution. 

I also believe in Healing Crystals, Positive Visualization and Repetition Of Powerful Words/Phrases as alternative healing methods which aid in repairing the mind/body connection. When offering readings, my areas of Expertise are: Love/Relationships, Career/Work, Money/Finance, Destiny/Life Script and Dream Analysis.

My style of delivery is compassionately straightforward, positive and ethical. I enjoy providing detailed and insightful readings which bring clarity, resolution, peace and healing to the client.
Other Languages: Hindi, Punjabi



Psychic Multimedia Course completion offered by Heidi Sawyer through The Institute Of Psychic Development Bachelor Of Applied Arts from Ryerson University.

Canada Bachelor Of Education including counselling and life-coaching courses from York University.

I am a writer and have been able to publish three spirituality related books. 


36 Feedback & Reviews

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