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About Freyja

I am a Professional Tarot Consultant, Yoga Instructor, cheeky Witch and passionate Tribal-style Bellydancer. I love the connection that is made with clients and the insight and help that I can provide through tarot, yoga and magic and enlighten, confirm, clarify, solve and give my clients’ peace of mind. I am also starkly honest, straightforward, inspirational and forthright and think humour is a brilliant coping mechanism and I get very strong sensations of what a person is feeling, whether they’re the caller or the person they’re calling about to deliver answers of hope.

Tarot consultations are opportunities to ask questions, consider answers and options and work through choices and decisions. As an experienced Tarot Professional and cheeky Witch, I offer tarot consultations that offer insight and reflections with a large dose of humor and empathy on issues of the past, present and future. A Tarot reading with me is an exploratory experience in which we delve into the mystery of the Tarot cards and work together to find the answers to the questions you seek. I interpret the cards so that you can find meaning in your life, and it is a collaboration between reader and client to create a cohesive picture and story from the spread that is laid out for the seeker to explore.
I really promote self-empowerment, self-realization and self-awareness on my readings whether you’re calling about your love, career, money spirituality and even past, present and future questions and I believe in great balance in life, balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. All my clients come away from my readings with a sense of understanding, insight and hope. I have also worked as an RN for many years and am still a licensed nurse, and have a great deal of compassion and empathy for all persons, but particularly those going through struggles of mental health, chronic and acute illness.  I am also a mother of 3 children and a student of magic and mystery.  I see tarot reading as an informative tool for understanding, insight and growth for persons seeking assistance in these areas; it is another tool for compassionate care.

I have been studying and reading tarot for the last 25 years, both for personal growth and for help and assistance for friends and families. I have started to read professionally in the last couple of years, as I have received referrals from positive reading experiences. I have been a practicing Witch for 30 years, having run eclectic pagan covens and women's spirituality groups as High Priestess.

I am trained in ritual design and leadership as well as skilled in magic. I have attended many Reclaiming Witch camps over the years, and have experienced the magic of group ritual in the expanse of nature. I am also a Registered Nurse in my current province of residence, as well as a certified and insured Tarot Instructor and Tribal-style Belly dance Teacher.

If you are looking for an honest reader with a gentle approach to difficult topics, I will not leave any stone unturned as I spiritually search for information pertaining to you and your concerns.

My Experience:

Tarot Reader for 25 years
Trained in Ritual Design
Practising Witchcraft for 30 years

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