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Unwinds mystery's using astrology/gypsy/tarot cards.

Are you having sleepiness nights asking yourself the same questions over and over inside your head? Call Esther for real answers. She has been working in the New Age Industry for more than 18 years now. Her first passion is Astrology and over the years she has also discovered different reading cards. Her ability is to see, hear and feel the energy surrounding you. Her messages may not always be what you want to hear but rest assured it comes from a place of compassion.

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About Me

With my 18 years experience as working as a Psychic you can bring your concerns and worries to me. I will give you clarity and solid guidance. I started out as an Astrologer and then developed an interest in Tarot. I will connect with your specific questions and will provide you with profound answers.

Astrology will confirm me the message I receive and there timelines for future events. My readings are very direct and I believe it is a readers job to assist you in your own solutions in life. I am going to give you the honest, clear truth while also giving you the information you need to shape your destiny and path.  

I specialise in the following areas. 

Love and Relationship matters
Emotional Healing
Positive Energy Reinforcement
Spiritual Counselling and Personal Development

I will also help and guide you how you can turn any troubling issue into a positive situation. I will ask the spirits for advice on the next steps. I believe no one has to stay in a painful situation. Its all about your actions and empowering you.

Love and light 


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Fed. of Astrologer Basic Astrology Exam back in 1995 and have completed an additional study with the Canpous Academy

Studied Basic Counselling with the Applied College of Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA. 

Tarot Practitioner Certification via a correspondence course with Matthew Favaloro, Parramatta NSW 2124. 


73 Feedback & Reviews

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