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Ella is a compassionate, honest and ethical reader. She'll offer you understanding and an openminded and non judgemental approach to your situation. A love and relationship expert with over 17 years of experience, that has the ability to give divine insight into your present situation and future possibilities regarding love, relationships and work. 

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About Me

I've been reading for nearly two decades and it brings me immense joy to be able to assist people on their chosen path. Every reading has been a honour and I feel blessed and privileged to have read for so many clients all over the world. I've provided thousands of readings and although my approach is simple I offer guidance, clarity and purposeful direction. Through my readings I'll help you evaluate your past, present and future outcomes by tuning into your energy and the surrounding energies.

I help bring you light, insight and I hope to empower and inspire you especially in times of confusion or transition so that you can develop self awareness and gain a better understanding of your circumstances. 

My readings are delivered through the help of my own spirit guides, natural clairvoyance and clairsentience as well as various divinatory tools such as Tarot, Lenormand cards, numerology, the pendulum, colour therapy and spiritual counselling.

My aim is to empower you with the right information and tools so that ultimately you'll be in charge of your own decision making process. Allow me to help you align with your higher self so you can build a solid foundation in life  based on your deepest needs and a sense of direction. My passion is helping clients with love, work or any other important issues. 



Over the years I have done many face to face and phone readings.

I write a numerology column for a spiritual magazine.
Natural Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. 
Lenormand Cards.
Colour Therapy. 


3 Feedback & Reviews