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Dr Sunny Marie

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*Master Shamanic spirit guide*   Truth for your heart, soul, life!   Answers you can trust! Professional 38 yrs. Quality guidance care,compassion, clearing fear,worry, doubt!   Relationship/marriage counselor MA, LCSW. 

Her genuine warmth, integrity and honesty compliments her exceptional God given gifts of vision! Authentic Natural Born Prophetic~Visionary. Expert identifying Soul mates/Twin Flame Partners. Direction and guidance with issues/situations of Marriage~Separation~ Divorce~Finances~ Spiritual Counsel! No General here! False hopes or illusion! With her you receive  Honest, clear insight, in-depth guided detailed intelligent caring answers! If your truly seeking solutions, resolve, Clarity,direction, and peace of mind! You just found it

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About Me

Spiritual Doctor of psychology and Meta physician, Renown Master Clairvoyant. Dr. Holistic healing medicine. Life Coach Mentor of Universal laws. Detailed Depth and focus on unconscious ruminating negative thoughts of the mind, spirit, emotions, soul. Working within the realms of divine ascended masters, and Creator of the Universe. Dr Sunny is a world-renowned teacher of enlightenment and spiritual evolving and works with Universal laws.

Dr Sunny's life had come to a halt some 37 yrs ago, from a direct hit of an on coming vehicle on a foggy Sunday morning! She experienced what most will never know! What it is truly like in the Spirit world! Dr Sunny has first hand knowledge. "I assure you, there's more then what we see, and experience on the Earth! Sharing a one on one Intimate conversation with the Divine "Creator" of this Universe! We talked of my purpose, and that if I want to return, I could help many people and impact many lives, with Clarity, direction, hope, and meaning to there life, love, and purpose in there being here! You can see, I made my decision!

My "soul" reason in being here... is to help to bring Clear focus and guided understanding of your relationship to a higher positive Level. Love is the most powerful Healing presents on earth (There is a reason for everything happening in your relationships). I will also Provide directed Steps to bring forth abundance, release blocks and fear caused by poverty consciousness. We will work together to strengthen your spiritual Core of your being. Remove blocks and barriers preventing you from rising to your highest degree of Creativity and empowerment in your Spirit, love, Life, Prosperity and your very soul.

Dr Sunny has experienced many divine encounters of life sustaining experiences. Her love and dedication to rescue wolfs and horses, brought forth another direct intervention with Creator. Sunny was test riding a horse in rescue. A man using a sodding iron, creating flames, spooked the horse, which bolted as Dr sunny was dismounting, with one hand holding on to her mane and half way off the horse, a loud voice said with clarity and Great authority! "Tuck and roll, NOW!" The Horse was in a full run, and Dr Sunny's saddle was turning under her, and with not a second to spare, she lunged off and landed on her shoulder! Had she not tucked and rolled as Creator voice instructed, she would have broken her neck! Sunny came through with a concussion and ripped ligaments in the neck, but alive today.

Yet, another encounter occurred at the grocery store in Albany NY at 10 pm at night. A man approached her vehicle, and warned her he had a gun in his pocket, instructing her to move over, to enter the car. Again Creator had spoken to her, as clear as a voice can be! Authoritative all knowing. Stating it is not a gun, do not fear! Bringing forth a feeling of peace, no fear! His Voice instructed her lay your hand on the horn, and yell out for help! In panic, he fled on foot! The police apprehended him a week later at another grocery store.

It is indisputably clear, Dr Sunny is intended to be here with us! Known around the world, and lives her life devoted to teaching, to clearly hear, listen, and act on our higher spiritual truth. When you allow spiritual integrity to be your Guidance. You can rely and lean upon this healing power to protect you in all aspects of your life, regarding business relationships family, friends and intimate partners. This protection and direction is here for all of us, for your healing of your Heart, spirit, health, wealth, and prosperity, your SOUL. We did not come here by our self's! Without Universal Divine Guidance, direction and a purpose of being. We are not alone here on the earth, and we do not leave alone! The Divine and all the Great Masters and guardians are here with us. All the time! Dr Sunny in all of these major life-altering experiences has been guided to look at mainstream psychology from a whole new perspective. Her natural born clairvoyance added in bringing forth clarity and insight, providing a new approach combining her background in psychology with her Spirituality. Divine and directed Instruction to help mankind alike. Dr Sunny is here to help you, in Spirit, emotion, mind, and body. She will offer you truth with clear direction ~ She does not predict ~ She Prophesies, there is a big difference, for all your life situations. No matter what you are struggling with!

* Depression
* Grief counseling
* Relationships
* Prosperity
* Spiritual enlightenment and guidance
* In depth insight to parenting support
* Couples counseling and beyond.

Your journey begins here! Leave uncertainty, conflict and confusion behind. I will show you how... I am here to help you! With highly evolved spiritual integrity and enlightenment. That will inspire you, enhance your creativity, enthusiasm, ingenuity, and confidence so you can live your life as you have been intended too! In the relationship you want and desire, achieve the prosperity you deserve, the loving partnership you wish for, along with inner peace, and happiness. Today is the beginning of something wonderful happening in your world, it is the day you come face to face with the "I AM" in you! I am here to help you get there, and that is what I will do! My promise to you. I'm Now Online, or arrange a callback with me.



* Registered Parapsychologist: In depth studies in paranormal entities, analysis in private dwellings and removal of spirit and poltergeist activity and paranormal activity.

* Certified in Metapsychical studies, at the Institute of metaphysical Sciences, Orlando Florida

* Teacher/Mentor Universal Laws, Understand that the Universe is always listening to everything you think, feel, and say! You are a Creator, you create through your thoughts. Your mind is a battery force, capable of unbelievable tasks, and seeming miracles out of nowhere! "For as he thinks within himself, so he is."

* Verification and mentoring of Soul mates ~ Twin Flame relationships are they to stay a lifetime, a minute, or help you out of your own blocks and limitations from within or both. I provide coping skills with in depth direction to go forward and grow in your relationships as a spiritual being, your intended to be!

* Therapist/Analytic Behavioral Specialist, BS, MA, LCSW Counseling for your Spirit, emotion, mind and soul. Work involves addressing behavioral issues, unconscious patterns, using positive Spiritual psychology, in the realms of divine masters, angels and Creator infusing healing with Couples, relationships, marriage, family, divorce, reconciliation. With Great success!

* Dream Analysis: Your dreams will give you in depth enlightenment as to where you are. Full analysis of what your dream is telling you and how to Integrate it into your consciousness, to help you more deeply understand yourself and your situation. Your Dreams are just an extension of you!

* Parapsychologist: Parapsychology is the scientific and scholarly study of certain unusual events associated with human experience. I am a Scholar who is seriously interested in the "paranormal". Three general categories apply here, ESP, PK and phenomena suggestive of survival after bodily death, including near-death experiences, apparitions and reincarnation.

* Certified Metaphysical Scientific Studies: principle objective is to discover the laws of nature for which we must adjust. clarity of thought and moral insight are necessary because all processes, including those of thought, rest on the firm foundation of truth. By living day to day with metaphysical principles through the awareness of personal thoughts one discovers we are not "victims" of circumstance. Instead, embrace the acknowledgement that life actually follows a natural pattern according to conscious and subconscious thoughts! The Law of thinking.

* Natural Born Clairvoyant: I have always been this way! I everyone was this way! I was born that way. There for I don't use cards ~ they are created by another persons interpretations. I apply my God given gifts. My clarity comes directly from the Creator, I just get out of the way, no interference from personal experiences of my own, altering the clarity and preception of your personal situation. Providing 100 % In-depth Accuracy.

* Pet Therapy Analysis: When we speak to the animals, they will speak to us. They have many gifts to offer us, we only need to listen to learn! My spiritual journey to the other side deeply enhanced my communication with all animals.

Education Training:

Therapist MA, LCSW
Registered Minister
Teacher mentor and coach of Universal Laws
Dr. Holistic Healing and mental Health
Dr. Esoteric Psychology (Study of the Soul)
Certified in Metapsychical studies, IMS, Orlando Fl
Graduated honors, Deans list 4yrs. Brockport University 1984
PhD in Psychiatry, presently Charlston University
Graduate Certification, AAPC 1999
Certification, PULC, 2001
Graduate Certificate, ICMT, 2002
Graduate, APU, present

Remember: Anything in life that dominates us, makes us a servant to its dictates. All our weaknesses and our lacks are due to some compelling influence that blinds us and keeps from us what we naturally would receive, if we were free in mind to receive them. Man, being a creature of Nature, is endowed with the power to overcome all these mistakes, all these evil forces. That power is unfailing in its operation. When used properly, one can master any trial. Nature has no problems she cannot solve; she has no troubles she cannot remove; the Law of Order and Discipline govern all her movements. Man can say and do the same if he will pattern after Nature. My father (Eastern band Cherokee) taught this to me, but first note, Nature takes no chances. There are no "ifs", "ands" or "buts" Her forces operate under absolute law. I am here to show you how these forces are working in your life, within your relationship, your finances, your very Spirit and Soul! Open up the window let the sun shine in, allow your Spirit to sour like an Eagle! I will take you there, with Creators Blessings, and love.


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