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About Denise

I am a Natural Born Psychic Medium and have been in this field for more than two decades and I am well equipped with experience in Tarot and Angel Card Reading and is a world renowned Reiki 1 and 2 Master, Light Worker and Empath. I learned of someone teaching "Tarot" so I enrolled in this course which was probably the best thing I have ever done in my life. My cards are known as the Guilded Tarot and they really speak volumes to me during my readings. I am an excellent listener and I use my compassionate clairvoyant and clairaudient skills to guide all of my callers toward positive energy.
I am a compassionate, accurate, comforting and inspirational reader. I want you to know that there and options and solutions to your challenges that you haven’t even considered yet. I will help you find the positive, empowering opportunities that await you. I can help you with all of your concerns from relationships (love, marriage, infidelity), coping up with the loss of loved ones, financial concerns, work related issues, past, present and future queries and so much more. In later stages of my work, I also love linking to Angel energies, in particular, Arch Angel Michael who I seem to connect with on a regular basis. I also have another guide called Father John who appears like a monk to me so I feel I am well blessed in this way. My real experience is that of relationships, where I can advise if you should stay in your relationship or move forward and any matters relating to this. I will never waste any opportunity/moment of your time to provide you important, reliable and fulfilling information that you deserve.
Career works in a similar way, and also house moves. I now have 25 years experience and I am known worldwide. I have many return callers of which I am humble and blessed. I have the ability as a natural healer to advise people when they are grieving and how to deal with the pain and on that level, the caller has to be mindful to want to change and have helped as it is a very difficult area. It’s my mission to help my callers understand their place in the world better so that they can live their best life today and the days to come. 

My Experience
25 years Experience
Natural born psychic medium (connected to my family)
Reiki 1 and 11
Light worker
Angel card Reader

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