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About Dee

I am a professional Psychic and Empath for more than 35 years both in England and in the United States specializing in Skills and Methods Tarot, Runes, Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Psychic Medium, Past Life Information and many more. I studied psychic work and blossomed spiritually under the tutelage of my Grandparents on both my Mother and Father’s side. Feel free to ask questions about your past, present and future. Straight to the point, caring, and uplifting, I will help you walk away from the reading with clarity and strength. I want you to be able to see the truth of the situation and be thankful for the positive things that can come your way.

I have had too many successes in helping to guide others on the path to happiness in my long career. I have saved so many from a destructive path by giving hope for the future that they can be healed and have a life of joy and contentment. I have many callers that have been with me for more than 15 years and still continue to contact me for help and guidance on a regular basis when their lives have complications. They do this because my accuracy is quite astounding, and what I see does come to pass.

I give my clients tools and suggestions as well as direct to the point, comforting and extremely satisfying answers to help them work through their current struggles that they took to heart and helped them get back on track. I am of Irish Heritage from both my ,mother and father, my paternal grandmother was a Tarot card reader and was a very powerful Psychic as where many of my ancestors before her. She died 2 months before my birth although she was in good health, she told my Mother that she would pass the gift to me when she passed on, she passed over 1 month later and indeed from childhood I have had many experiences of premonition and the ability to feel and experience the presence of spirits from the other side, which includes my Grandmother and my Maternal Grandfather.

They often help me in my readings and can bring information to help me guide my callers; they are just two of many of my guardian angels. I received my first Tarot Cards at the age of 21 (42 years ago) and have been using the same deck since. They are old and tattered but very powerful. When a caller comes to me I only require Birthdays and the aspect of their life they wish to concentrate on, be it Love, career, Family or any other concern they may have for the future and need guidance on. I am very fast to tune into what is coming and what the best path to lead them to that life of peace and Harmony they desire, it is as though Spirit takes over and gives me the words to help my caller almost immediately, and helps to give as much information in the shortest time possible with astounding accuracy.

 I do not use Astrology, but I use Tarot cards and they need a signification to work your reading around, there are certain Tarot Cards which are connected to certain birth signs, and this helps my cards to tune into your situation and give an accurate reading. I have been described as a personal Angel, and I have brought peace and tranquillity to those who are in emotional pain, as I give my advice with honesty and compassion, and no judgment.

My Experience: 

Professional Psychic and Empath for more than 35 years
Tarot, Runes, Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Psychic Medium, Past Life Information

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