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About Brett

I am a psychic, medium, clairvoyant and life coach. I have been reading for the past 13 years. At the age of thirteen, I realized I have a gift which would lead me on a journey where I started touching the lives of the world as I became a light worker. I can empower others to find the answers they seek in love, finance, spirituality, and the future. I listen and share details to steer you toward clarity, closure, and acceptance.

Each of us hopes to find meaning in our experiences and wishes for an authentic unity with those who are important to us. That’s why in my readings, I strive to find meaning in our day to day experiences and I can offer insightful awareness during your reading with me. Most of my clients define me as accurate, inspiring and supportive  since I believe in the best in others. A reading with me will leave you with the joy of feeling understood, appreciated and inspired. I can help you see the soul lessons so you can look at things from a different perspective. I open all of my psychic senses to provide various ways for Spirit to come through also. Highly compassionate, I share insight in a respectful, validating, and humorous way when appropriate. I want you to feel inspired as you get your questions answered with clarity, support, and comfort. 

I excel at handling crisis, discussing love, and developing intuitive modalities I also specialize in relationships, manifesting what you want, and helping you find your soul purpose. I can also assist in removing emotional blocks to reveal your true potential. I tell the truth with empowering clarity and warmth. 
When booking a reading with me, you will experience how a Psychic Intuitive Life Coach and Medium works. My connection to the other side is strong and concentrates on bringing spirit people through from the ancestral family tree. My accuracy has been reviewed and my past, present, future readings are spot on. There is always help available. Readings are to be done with the highest intentions of love and light, for validation of truth. Above all, I want you to be encouraged, inspired and to receive the insight you need to assist you in your future life and I will leave you comforted, with a sense of peace at heart. 

My Experience:

Tarot Card Reader
Psychic Intuitive
Holistic Coach

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