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About Ashley

As an empath and psychic, I connect to spirit and reveal the messages you need to hear. I offer you deep insight into the areas of life that matter to you most. Using oracle cards I am able to see your blocks, and will give you advice on how to overcome them. I also specialize in mediumship, and angel card readings. Throughout my whole life people have always come to me for advice. I love helping others through my gift and always sees the positive in any situation. My objective is to guide you toward accomplishing change as soon as possible. Often it is merely a shift in consciousness, but sometimes it is nothing less than revamping everything.

Since the age of 5, I’ve had this gift. I know I was psychic moreover a clairvoyant when I would have in-depth conversations with my “imaginary friend” named Mazen. As my family called her my imaginary friend, I know she was actually a spirit connecting with me. Since then I have been able to see and hear Spirit's messages. I would also often have visions as a child that would come true later on. As a young girl, I knew there was more than what could be seen with the eyes alone. I will empower you to move forward in your life path with a positive and productive motivation to reach your potential.

You can share a question or topic with me, or just think about it and my cards will lead me to your answers. I describe myself as an honest and forthright psychic. I won’t tell my callers what they want to hear, Rather, I tell them what they have to hear. I am open to discussing whatever concerns you. Working with people for many years has given me a great insight into the human condition. When we feel lost, what we seek the most is hope and guidance.

I demonstrate empathy in a holistic manner which facilitates trust and rapport when you are most in need. I specialize in providing support during times of uncertainty and crisis. I enjoy reading on finance, business, love, and spirituality. I can help you in cleansing and healing to help lift you up and bring more love, joy, prosperity, and vitality into your life. I believe that we are all born with intuitive psychic abilities and loves helping people tune into their unique gifts as well as connecting them with their higher selves.

It is very important for me to help clients feel valued as individuals, understood, supported, and reassured by providing intuitive, thoughtful, and insightful readings that take into account past and present situations when considering options for the future. My mission is to give you a clearer perspective.

My Experiences

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Love & Relationship; Career & Work; Motivational Guidance

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