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About Anouska

For almost 4 decades I have dedicated myself to bring all of my clients’ peace and strength through my straightforward yet compassionate, non-sugarcoated and honest reading. I specialized in relationship, matter of the heart, business and career and anything touching family issues and emotional stickiness as I have deepened my understanding of the soul. 

I conduct Tarot-based life-counselling sessions/clairvoyant/medium for varied clients' needs to enable them to recognise their solutions; to acknowledge the root causes of such dilemmas; to investigate possibilities for release from mind-crippling worries and to determine their own goals and construct their own strategies in order to handle what they see as 'problems' not as such but instead as manageable life-challenges. In this way, they find their own strengths to build their own way out of their temporal confusions. I believe that the ownership of release from worrying must always remain the property of the client. I am just a channel to empower my client.

My interests of the fundamental nature of beauty matured for the techniques of psychic researches, Tarot, Tibetan Buddhism and Shamanism, I moved into professional diploma trained  Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Holistic Therapy/ healing, where I have been happily and successfully engaged to the present day. I am also a professionally qualified Rebirther and Breathwork consultant of twenty years’ standing.

I use the Tarot to absorb the client’s energies and I read it like a map psychically. I tune in this very deeply; I have insights and am guided by extra senses. Sometimes I download people in the spirit world and help them communicate with their loved ones. For me, to help clients feel valued as individuals, understood, supported, and reassured by providing intuitive, thoughtful, and insightful readings that take into account past and present situations when considering options for the future.

You can expect to feel as though you've been speaking with your best friend. My goal is to always connect to you on a deep spiritual level. People need to refer to the spirit world when they are lost or in the middle. My position is to be the massager of the invisible world and interpret to them their answers. I am the middle woman.

My Experience:

More than 35years of Experience
Tarot-based life-counselling sessions/clairvoyant/medium
Has Professional diploma and trained in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Holistic Therapy/healing
Professionally qualified Rebirther and Breathwork consultant

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