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Healing Guidance and Insight

Annie is compassionate, adaptable and inspirational Reader and can assist you in looking into any issue that is importance to you. Through her Indian background she connects to Spirit Guides/Angels and Mother Goddess Durga. Annie can also help you to remove blocks and open the door to your intuitive powers allowing you to attract true love.

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About Me

I am a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Healer and Channeller. I work with my spirit guides, Mother Goddess Durga and Archangel Gabriel who have been with me for as long as I can remember.

I use Tarot, Oracle, Angel healing cards, Crystals , Psychometry and do Remote Viewing and Astral projection however mostly work hands free when I connect with your voice and energy vibrations during readings and remotely view what surrounds you and whats coming up for you in your timeline. 

I convey to you the visions that I am given and the messages I receive from my spirit guides. During a reading you will be receiving healing if needed to clear any negative energies that may be around you. We all experience issues in our lives that most of the times are out of control such as relationship breakups, loss of employment, family issues, to name a few that may impede us in living a fulfilling life. During these situations at times it is difficult to seek advice or guidance from family or friends as issues may be too personal or they are not able to be objective. 

Having worked in the corporate industry for close to 20+ years and have had a myriad of life experiences, near death and debilitating illness that is life altering, I am able to empathise and utilise my healing ability taught by Mother Goddess Durga Divine Mother energy source and also via my guides, provide you the best guidance you need with compassion and honesty.



Tarot, Oracle, Angel Healing Cards, Crystals. Psychometry. Remote Viewing and Astral projection.


42 Feedback & Reviews

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