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About Aleece

Contact with me is safe in light and love. I have more than 35 years of helping out people on their concerns about, love and relationships, work/career related, spiritual advices and many other concerns. I value you and lean in to what you bring to your reading. Your energy and the Divine intelligence will reveal the message I share. I was named after my Godmother, and it means Truth. I am a nurturing old soul able to receive guiding messages for those who connect with me, compassion flowing through me, not of me, will support you. I connect in a gentle manner. The Spirit is ever-present and willing to guide us into freer and fuller life experiences. I ask questions for your clarity. I validate your insights, and give direction as needed. I believe at any moment, all we need to know, is revealed to us, and that Divine truth and love flow to and through me. My contact with you is empowering: trusting that life supports you. We are never alone and every challenging situation comes with Grace.
The Divine Consciousness is available to all. I am divinely appointed as a catalyst of awakening: to help you remember the power of your narrative and how to navigate your feelings. You can change your past by changing your perspective of it. You choose your future by the thoughts you create. Your highest good helps us all collectively. I can help you presently. I am a midwife for the soul. I quested to know more than traditional American Christian culture, and lived in Hawaii, Europe and dabbled in the stardust of other spiritual ancient enlightenments of sound healing of Tibetan or crystal bowls, drum circles, healing movements of yoga, qigong, and the cleansing power of meditations, shamanic journeys and moon gatherings. 
Truth was glimpsed from my youth: I found my missing toddler brother- alive hiding under a neighbours stored canoe, I discovered, at twelve, my dad was having an affair, he then reunited with my mother, and at 15 I dreamed of Elvis dying, told my mom and later that day it was in the news Elvis had died.  I have grown in my perceptiveness of Spirit, ever curious about science, and grounded in gratitude that we all can be guided by Divine Intelligence. I practice energy healing. I get messages from Mother Nature. I have a sacred place I meet with you, using angelic prayer language as we begin.  I use my collections from my travels, ancient stones, tarot, oracle cards, runes, for aligning with Truth- all for lifting your spirit, bringing coherence and peace to your heart, and equipping your mind for action. I trust Awareness comes to clarify where to put your focus. It is empowering for you to choose what to receive and act on.
Experienced trusting my perceptions in various roles: Professional, Wellness Advocate, Foster and Adoptive Parent, Educator, World traveller and Partner to my One and Only of 40 years.
I bring practical messages into the NOW, offering empowerment and stability as we navigate life’s path. Being divinely guided on our journey through life is a support I offer. As seekers in the light, we will find timely insight into your current needs and concerns, grounding you in confidence for taking baby steps into new arenas, and joy in the discovery that you are capable of transformation from your life’s soul lessons.??
My sun sign is Leo, my moon sign is Pisces and in conjunction Midheaven, indicating my career is in a helping profession.
My Experience

Reading Using Ancient Stones, Tarot, Oracle Cards and Runes
35 years of Spiritual Mentoring
35 years of Wellness Advocate
20 years of Energy Medicine

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