The “Hot & Cold” Explained By A Spirit Guide

By Claudia: Sunsets can be tricky, all that beauty and fire glaze reminds to some how lucky they truly are to be in this physical form no matter how the day went, and to others is a warm embrace to get them ready and charged up to face the night, but no matter what life you lead… This is still the time of the day to stop for a second and remember what we’re thankful for. Never underestimate the power of gratitude my darling, it is the most effective energetic vibration to let the Universe know that we’re ready for better and bigger things.

H: Including meeting someone who can actually embrace our soul and take us for everything that we are….

claudia2 Haakon (I call him H) is my spirit guide, his last incarnation was in the 13th Century as a Viking, and no matter how much grief I give him every time he wants to give me or one of you darlings relationship advice (I mean, come on, things changed a bit since his favourite Jam) he manages to surprise me…because he’s always spot on, as if Human nature and it’s way to respond to others has actually any to do with society and circumstances… It’s just us…It’s just how our soul operates once incarnated…including the infamous “Hot & Cold” behaviour. So, let’s ask the expert….

Claudia: Alright Cupid, let’s explain the reason why so many people perform the “Torture method” of hot and cold towards their partners…

H: Cupid?

Claudia: Great master of humanity? (How I love teasing him)

H: Have you been drinking?

Claudia: Only in the morning.

H: I am grateful that you can entertain yourself so successfully…

Claudia: Oh come on…H, please do shine some light on the immortal mechanism of “seeking attention through rejection” that in this century we call “Hot and Cold”

H: Do you think that’s what it is? Seeking attention through rejection?

Claudia: Well yes, in my experience, as a consultant and an academic of human behaviour, emotionally immature people create an unstable environment within their relationship in order to keep their partner constantly on their toes… It is a very primitive form of control, and given that control in itself is an illusion, all this “energetic pre-schoolers” are doing is waste time and energy at the expenses of someone else.

H: Wow, being this judgmental is not like you…

Claudia: Ok…harsh but fair. How would you describe it then?

H: Fear. Anyone who uses the “Fear of loss” onto someone else is because they’re afraid of losing them. You call it “control” I call it an innate response to emotions we cannot control, fear being one of them. The only sadness in this human mechanism is that fear always walks hand in hand with love, but it is fear to have the upper hand in this case scenario.

Claudia: Right….so how do we respond to someone who uses such mechanism onto us?

H: You know the answer to that… You comfort them, show them your loyalty and love until their doubts disappear and fear becomes manageable. See, just like every medal has two sides so does everything else in your dimension and mine, love included, and its other face is fear, it’s very opposite concept. It is up to us to concentrate and embrace the right side of medal till our loved one can finally see it.

Claudia: This is all very well and good…even for your poetic standards …But what if 2…5…10 years pass and no matter what one’s do the fear generating the Hot Cold mechanism in their partner doesn’t subside…I mean…surely you can appreciate that there’s only so much one can take.

H: Yes, I know that…I was just like you when I was in my single form…being human gives you the greatest gifts because while incarnated you can actually dissolve your own Karma, but on the other hand it restrains you within the boundaries of passions, which can be very distracting…to the point of making you feel lost.

How long….just how long can you endure it…Well, depends entirely on the fiber of each soul, an unborn baby would not wait one more second to be born, yet again a Grandmother can wait her entire life for her daughter…can you understand?

Claudia: Yes I do, but I was talking specifically about lovers here…

H: And why would they be different….the impatient for life will not give you a second, while the one who’s already lived many lives can wait in eternity….You see little white one (He still calls me that, and no I’m not 12 anymore) it’s not about time… it’s about the reason… and that is the first question you must ask your people….


Love and Light,


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