Love Untitled Part 2

By Claudia: Love can easily fall off the lovers lips,
but if love was to be treated with roses and not whips,
you’d see that it can not wait to be celebrated to exist,
and it can not wait to be con validated to persist.

claudia2 For love is the savage child that with his wounds reminds us all to kneel,
for when you face the tempest you dig your hooves to co-exist,
and you keep a weather eye on the horizon for the one Sail…
hoping that truth will beat your mistakes and prevail.

Love easily dwells on loves lips,
but if love could speak, it’d tell you that…it’s just not it…
it’d speak of how it only lives within the unthinkable steep,
and, once you thought you broke every bone, it would finally take you home.

I’m sitting on my porch gazing at this moon rising and wondering what it’ll bring once it becomes full. Haakon (My guide, a Vicking who stopped incarnating in the 13th century) is standing next to me.

Haakon: Did you like the poem?
Claudia: Loved it…But I still have smoke in my eyes.
Haakon: You seem confused…even more than usual…
Claudia: Don’t you have a village to pluck, a sea monster to catch or maybe just a sudden
desire to take a walk?

Haakon: I’m not the one who needs to let some steam out…
Claudia: Fine, given that you just read my mind without the curtesy of asking … Go right
ahead and explain it all, you timeless barbarian.

Haakon smiles and sits in front of me. He knows me a lot better than what I care to admit and the worst part is that to him my temper is like a plain light switch, he knows how to turn it on and knows how to turn it off. He pretends to take a deep breath and gently holds my hand.

Haakon: No matter your gift to share your life with the upper world and your skill to tap
into universal knowledge anytime you want, you still feel fear just like a human and that
sometimes enrages you…but it shouldn’t, how else could you relate and therefore help the people
of the world?
Claudia: Good point! Hence you can not relate nor experience, why don’t you let me be for
a while.
Haakon: They have done that to you enough. And be angry all you want about not
spending the holidays in Hawaii, or not holding your sister and that person you met on the street
and needed help and you sat down to spend your entire energy on helping, just to come back
here broken and bleeding….or shall I mention your mother that on top of all tries to commands
you rather than trying to love you.
Claudia: F*** you H.
Haakon: No….f*** everyone that used your honesty to claim a kill, f*** everyone who
forgot to tell you how their interest was nothing but a chip for a free reading, and fuck the effect it
had on you. All this mortals got you to the point of sacrificing your mind and belittle your heart
so quite it and feel.
Claudia: About?
Haakon: You know.
Claudia: Yes, how can I not…but seriously, for once do your job and explained it to
me….give me the power to help my fellow humans understand…
Haakon: Every step you take towards him equals two weeks of medications. Your dreams
get even stranger than ever, like his face face looking for you through the impossible weather, but
you’re still not crazy. You just saw him swimming off to what what used to be your childhood
balcony, or you just saw your relative waiting for you in the garage of the house you used to own.

You are not crazy…..Love as the master of all, it does demand it’s price. Which is you listening to yourself.

To Be Continued…

Love and Light,


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